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**INTERVIEW** Bringing Hollywood to Australia with Steel Panther's Stix Zadinia

March 14, 2018


"We love your women," purred Steel Panther drummer and general basher of objects, Stix Zadinia, when pressed on why Steel Panther seem to have such an affinity for this country. "You guys have really beautiful women and we keep coming back for the vagina! We've written songs about your ladies without you even knowing it to be honest with you."

Steel Panther return to our shores this May for the Sunset Strip Live! tour, a unique concept that sees Steel Panther bringing along their very special friends in Steel Panther as a support act.

"We're gonna be doing a little bit of everything," he enthused. "We're gonna be doing your favourite Steel Panther songs and then we're gonna do a little intermission - which we've never done before - and then we're gonna come back out and we're gonna rock out all the 80's metal covers and hits, because a lot of those bands don't tour anymore and we're kind of good at it. So we're gonna entertain people with Steel Panther songs and then we're gonna give them the fucken heavy metal hits of the '80's. We're gonna do an hour of Panther and then an hour of everything else."

While not giving away specifics of songs being covered, Stix did let slip some of the bands who will be featured.

"We're gonna be playing Def Leppard, Motley Crue, Bon Jovi, Warrant, Whitesnake, RATT, Ozzy Osbourne, Van Halen," he revealed, "and a slew of others. It's gonna rock, dude."

With this tour being the band's third visit to Australia in as many years, Stix said the band felt it was important to offer fans something different, rather than the commercially tried and true product they have delivered so well in the past.

"I gotta tell ya, we in Steel Panther having been touring for quite a while man," he explained, "and we were just sitting around one day and talking about what we could do that would be fucken diffrent and fresh and fun - because if you've seen Steel Panther before you know it's a fucken party - and we could have come back over there and just thrown another Steel Panther party but we wanted to give something to the people; to our fans and people who haven't experienced us, we wanted to do something fresh. We started as a band playing covers so having had that experience we wanted to bring a bit of Hollywood and Vegas-style shows to fucken Australia because we've never done it before."

And if you are thinking that maybe it's a touch egotistical and self-indulgent to have Steel Panther support Steel Panther, you are probably correct.

"Yes. Yes, it is," laughed Stix, "and who better to support ourselves than Steel Panther? Honestly..."

When Steel Panther first strutted onto L.A's Sunset Strip in the first part of the millennium they did so with a brashness and flair that dared you not to take notice. From their early days - as Stix pointed out - as a cover band called Metal Skool the four entertainers quickly set about establishing their performance with a flamboyant style and attitude that while almost daring you not to like them somehow manifested the band into an international phenomenon that shows no visible signs of slowing down.

"When we started I think we were like most bands - we just wanted to be the biggest band in the world," Stix shrugged. "When you realise... we're still trying, but we're very happy where we're at with our career and if we can sustain this then I'd consider us successful. I think if when we started if I wrote out where I thought Steel Panther would be twenty years later, I think you would laugh and say there's no possible way that a band like that would go that far. I think it's a testament to music fans who love good songs and love to have a fucken good time and wanna come to a show and listen to music they can let their hair down to a party and fuck girls to."



Almost two decades later, Stix feels that Steel Panther and their music are perhaps more vital in the modern musical climate as they were in the early stages of their development.

"I think there's never been a more important time for a band like us," he said emphatically, "because the climate of... everyone is so fucken careful and politically correct and so safe and so scared that I think there needs to be a place where people can come and say whatever the fuck's on their mind and not be judged. I think it's important for us to be here so people can do that at our shows."

While having undoubted talent musically, Steel Panther are also in the business of entertaining - on stage and off. Their general demeanor and outlook on life and music is a breath of fresh air to an industry increasingly consumed by its own self-importance and Stix laughs in the face of those who dare to say Steel Panther is not a real band because of this.

"I don't know man, I couldn't be in a band where it wasn't about having a good time," he offered. "It would fucken suck to be in a - quote, unquote - serious band that's fucken political and trying to send a message. Look, dude, I got into music for the chicks and the party and that's what it's always been to me so I couldn't imagine being in a message band. If you don't like what we do, I don't really give a fuck. It doesn't bother me if you don't like it but I appreciate it if you do."

Over the years, there have been many lurid and controversial storied told about Steel Panther and their antics, but unsurprisingly, Stix defers back to one statement made that out of a myriad of untruths is probably the biggest false rumor of them all.

"The best story I have heard about this band that isn't true is that I have the smallest cock," he revealed after minimum thought. "And the best story I've heard that is true is that I DO have the biggest cock (laughs). That's the true story so I just want to clear that up now."

As a parting message to his fans and music lovers in general, Stix had this to say.

"I would say prepare yourselves to engage in an experience where your ears will be getting massaged by the smooth, smooth sounds of Steel Panther - and make sure you bring pants that are easy to get off..."

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