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**ALBUM REVIEW** Mayday Parade - Sunnyland

June 21, 2018



Florida based Pop Punkers Mayday Parade have dropped their sixth studio album Sunnyland, breaking tradition from their normal October release dates as they have for the last five albums. Their first release with Rise Records, they’ve bucked the trend and dropped a summer record and it is hot.


The band have long cemented themselves in the pop-punk-rock scene and this record certainly fits the bill with it’s aggressive, angst-ridden tracks companied with the heartbreaking ballads it’s an ebb and flow of punchy rock to emotionally raw.


This album holds true to their style, whilst still remaining unique from previous albums.  Where their last record Black Lines was on a more emo-rock edge this album goes back to their roots with their signature style, of gritty guitars, dramatic drum and bass beats and not so sweet lyrics.  These tracks will no doubt invoke some chaotic sing-alongs when performed live.


Tracks like album opener Never Sure, and How Do You Like Me Now, show off their rockier side highlighting the abilities of rhythm guitarist Brooks Betts and lead guitarist Alex Garcia, with lead vocalist Derek Sanders vocals as strong as ever.


'Stay The Same'


Never one to disappoint they always include at least one excessively long title and this time it comes in the form of It’s Hard to be Religious (When Certain People Are Never Incinerated by Bolts of Lightning).  This is one of their more pop tracks, it has a similar feel to a traditional Fall Out Boy or Panic! At The Disco sound. It’s in all the right places.


There are the beautiful ballads such as, Piece of Your Heart.  With Sanders on keys and vocals, the slick beats from drummer Jake Bundrick are a standout. Other acoustic tracks Take My Breath Away and Stay Away are also true to form with the guitarists showing off their range and ability.


For me the highlight is Sunnyland the title track, it is the last on the album and it’s a tear-jerker.  Heartfelt melody and sweet tune it will no doubt have those mobile phone torches held high at live shows.


Overall this is a sick delivery from the boys, they know their style and they aren’t afraid to follow it.  This album is likely one for the true fans, those of us who have been there since the beginning and love their raw pop punk feel.  It’s not a copy of previous albums but it pays homage to their roots and it results in a masterpiece.



“Take me back to Sunnyland, so I can find the light again”






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