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**INTERVIEW** Lagerstein's The Majestic Beast


"For all the nicknames in the band and stage names you actually have to earn the title," laughed Lagerstein's guitarist The Majestic Beast. "I became The Majestic Beast one night when we were partying real hard and it was ten a.m and one of our mates goes 'look at you standing there, you look like a majestic beast' and it stuck."

A quick glance over a few other band members names - including Captain Gregarrr (vocals), Neil Rummy Rackers (guitar) and Ol' mate Dazzle (drums) - pretty much epitomizes the music and spirit of Brisbane's Lagerstein, an all-round good time party band who love to play and play to love. In a nutshell, they are labeled a drinking, rocking, pirating, rock/folk/metal powerhouse, an apt description that even The Majestic Beast finds hard to refute.

"It's definitely a way of life," he affirmed. "The thing about being pirates- as much as it's about having fun - it's a big part of who we are. We just want to adventure around the world and visit every corner. We all live in a time and age now that you can see every corner and what we wanna do is create as much fun as possible so people can escape from their normal lives for the night, dress up and be pirates, and have as much fun as possible. We really just wanna create the worlds greatest party (laughs). It's very much a way of life being in this band. We think like pirates, we party like pirates, we ARE pirates."

Lagerstein hit the road next month on their highly ambitious and unique Yeast Coast Australian Brewery Tour, a tour that will see them do the conventional tour things like playing shows but will also involve something very dear to the band's hearts.

"We're hitting the road again and jumping in the Lager bus and hitting nine shows along the coastline," The Majestic Beast enthused. "This one is going to be special because we're actually... we haven't announced the breweries yet but before all of the shows we're having little get-togethers at the breweries and testing out a heap of beers along the way. We'll let everyone know what's happening beforehand and meet up there and start the drinking and festivities and party all night. We will be going to all the little microbreweries and whatever ones are keen to have us there. I think one of the breweries in Canberra has a 16% beer for us to try - and that's at the start of the tour! We'll be gone for two weeks and it' not on the tour poster but about two weeks after that we play the Dead of Winter Festival as well so it should be a good run."


You only have to see Lagerstein perform live to attest to the amount of fun the band has on stage, but according to The Majestic Beast, that on stage shenanigans is only part of the experience.

"Literally as soon as we jump on the bus and travel around its non-stop laughs, hanging with your mates and beers when you wake up," he laughed. "We just spent seven months over in Europe last year and people would think that's a really long time - which it is - but every day we had so much fun and every day was a new adventure where you are meeting different cultures and people and trying so many different beers and seeing the sights. We absolutely love playing and we love touring."

Many people think the life of a band on the road is all fun and games... and according to The Majestic Beast, they are spot on.

"Well, you wake up around about lunchtime from going out the night before," he agreed. "You're hungover as shit and you think how do I fix this hangover? The answer is let's go to the pub (laughs) and have your hair of the dog. So you have your beer, grab a feed and head to the venue about lunchtime... okay, in the arvo (laughs)... do your soundcheck, go grab some dinner, sink some more beers, watch the show from doors, be in our pirate gear partying with everyone, play the show - and generally we'll be the last ones to leave the venue after partying with everyone - or we'll go to an after party somewhere and that's generally the case for every show. Then you have your bus call to jump on the tour bus and go to the next venue and that's the cycle. Rewind. Repeat (laughs)."

Lagerstein will be taking Sudden State on the road with them, with The Majestic Beast admitting his knowledge of the band extends little past their thirst for fun.

"We've never actually played with them," he laughed, "but we've seen their name getting around quite a lot. We've seen them have an eight-way beer bong and they like to drink and have fun and play some good tunes so we hit them up and thought getting another fun band along for the ride really adds value to the tour and makes for an even better night."

Lagerstein are a band that have never taken themselves too seriously, so much so in fact that they actually formed back in 2010 as the antithesis to all things regimented and perfect.

"When Lagerstein began we were all very much in the symphonic, death metal, black metal scene and quite a few of the original members all stemmed from that," explained The Majestic Beast. "It originally started because we wanted to do a beer bong on stage and we wanted to do the complete opposite of what our other bands were doing. We used to have to... every note just had to be bang on, you couldn't drink before shows... well we wanted to just rock up to the shows and have fun and if you make a little error it's all part of the show, it's all fun. The main reason why it all began was so we could do a beer bong on stage (laughs). We didn't think anything of it at first but that now has taken us to nineteen countries and around Australia countless times."

Lagerstein's last release was 'All For Rum and Rum For All' more than two years ago, with The Majestic Beast assuring fans that new material isn't too far away.

"We've been writing really hard," he affirmed. "We have heaps of the music written so it's more getting the lyrics written and arranging it at the moment. Basically, we'll be entering the studio around Summertime this year and recording it here in Oz and releasing some singles along the way. It will probably be a mid to late 2019 release at this stage."

Kris Peters



07/6 - Canberra - The Basement

w/ Sudden State, Espionage & Beast Impalor


08/6 - Newcastle - Small Ballroom

w/ Sudden State, Enviktas & PurEnvy


09/6 - Wollongong - Dicey Riley's (Free Entry)

w/ Sudden State & Panik


10/6 - Sydney - Frankies Pizza (Free Entry)

*w/ The Bottlers & Bastardizer


13/6 - Ballarat - Opulance

w/ Sudden State & Haunted Steel


14/6 - Warrnambool - The Loft

w/ Sudden State & Diving Headbutt


15/6 - Melbourne - The Evelyn

w/ Sudden State, Horizons Edge, Triple Kill & Haunted Steel


16/6 - Adelaide - Enigma Bar

w/ Sudden State, Laced In Lust & Skyhammer


21/6 - Gold Coast - Miami Shark Bar*

w/ Decryptus, Fingered & Hell and Whiskey


Don't miss out on what will be the most enjoyable, alcoholic and fun-filled tour of the year when Lagerstein, Sudden State & many others hit a town near you!

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