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**GALLERY & LIVE REVIEW** Tonight Alive // Between You & Me // Aviva @ The Gov - 12th May 2018


After Tonight Alive sadly had to cancel their show at Arrow on Swanston in Melbourne due to front woman Jenna McDougall’s illness, just two days prior I wasn’t sure this gig at The Gov was going to happen. However Jenna pulled through and Tonight Alive, put on their usual powerhouse display for the hoards of committed fans in an fitting finale to their Underworld tour


Superbly supported by Sydney Based pop artist AViVA and Melbourne Lads Between You and Me, it was a night of classic pop punk and it was epic.

AViVA kicking off the show with her Emo-Pop lyrically angst-ridden tracks were pushed through emotionally, amid energetic dancing and flaring bright yellow hair.  The lesser known artist kicked things off to a great start.


Between You and Me, were up second with some token stormtrooper inflatables adorning the stage it was an interesting look.  Despite the room still not quite reaching capacity the boys came out hard, kicking straight into it with their catchy pop punk tracks and witty banter in between.  The growing audience was treated to a few tracks from an upcoming EP, which were all very well received.

This was a band I was not familiar with before the show, but it’s one I’ll definitely be keeping an eye on now.  Enigmatic pop punk at it’s best.


After a short break the crowd had now filled the room and were heartily singing along to everything played between sets. There was a great atmosphere in the room, which is nothing unusual for a Tonight Alive gig, there’s this overwhelming sense of connected-ness with friends and strangers alike were ready for a great night.


Tonight Alive soon arrived on stage much to the delight of the excited fans, deafening screams and cheers as they took their places on the stage.

Kicking off with new track Book of Love from the latest record Underworld, Jenna and the band automatically had the crowd in the palm of their hand.  The perfect track to build the excitement and whip the crowd into a frenzy, only heightened when they followed with Lonely Girl. With the crowd passionately singing back word for word almost drowning Jenna out in the process.  They were a dedicated bunch and Jenna was clearly feeding off their energy.


Given her recent illness after a serious reaction to some medication she could have been forgiven for taking it easy. However no stranger to pushing through in tough times, she was here to put on a show and that she did.  Not holding back on her usual energetic dancing and performance across every inch of the stage, she ensured to entertain every single person in that room.  Jenna belongs on that stage and she’s not afraid to show it.


These guys are the consummate professionals, the band tight and giving their all. Heavy bass beats, energetic guitar and slick drum rhythms you can’t fault them at all. Their ability to alter a few tracks ever so slightly to bring new life to them is admirable.  How Does it Feel, from the 2016 album Limitless (which nearly saw the demise of the band), for example was subtly and cleverly reworked and the crowd approved.


Covering their ten year discography and history on the stage Tonight Alive were impeccable, incredible sounds, the stunning vocal range of Jenna and the ability to share not only the exciting and energetic tracks like, What are You So Scared Of, and Hell and Back where the crowd goes off, passionately working up a sweat. To the sweet motivational and inspirational speeches and a heartfelt acoustic performance of long time favourite Amelia to bring the crowd to a soft sway as they shed a few quiet tears among them.


Without a doubt the finale of the set, the music built louder and more passionate than anything else during the night it was definitely the highlight of the show.


Reaching back to their roots and playing small venues in honour of their stellar ten year career was a fabulous decision.  All the energy of an arena show in the setting of an intimate venue was nothing short of electric and I for one cannot wait for them to come back and do it all again.


All photography taken by & © Copyright of Bron Caple // Bronwen Caple Photography for Rogue Inc.


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