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Napalm Records News: Otep, Hoobastank, Powerwolf...

May 3, 2018

To Release New Album Kult 45 On July 27
 A Candid, Uncompromising Rallying Cry 



Iconic rockers OTEP are about to unveil they’re most uncompromising, candid, all-inclusive and controversial assessment of the current residing political regime that they have ever released in the form of their eighth full-length album, aptly titled Kult 45. Drawing influences from politically-charged recording artists of the past but allowing her artwork to remain fully and undeniably OTEP, Otep Shamaya continues her nearly two-decade invasion of the senses on July 27, 2018 when Kult 45 drops via Napalm Records. This is OTEP like you’ve never heard them before.

Throughout the span of her career, Otep Shamaya has been an undeniable force in bringing awareness via various acclaimed mediums to social and political injustices felt by various communities and subcultures. For years, publications such as Revolver Magazine have lauded Shamaya for “following in the footsteps of outspoken musicians from folk singer Woody Guthrie to Rage Against The Machine's Zach de la Rocha”, dubbing her “one of music's catalysts for social change”. So, with the political climate as it is today, it’s prime time for OTEP to make their voices heard in their primary medium – song. 

“You can expect a complete and total mutiny of the senses on Kult 45,” says Shamaya. “That said, it’s important for fans to know that this record is not just an indictment of Trump. The idea was rather to empower people to stand up and remind them this is our country and we have the power. It’s primarily a rallying cry for people with common sense and good-natured patriots to rise up and know that we own this nation.”

“Although the album is produced well technically, lyrically, it’s very raw. Musically, we explore different genres – we’re trying to reach everyone. I don’t want to be limited to one genre or to be anchored to a particular space where I can only reach certain political minds. It was important to me that what I was sending a clear and concise message to the Resistance – the people out there bending the barricades and fighting for justice is this country.”

Kult 45 was recorded at The Lair in Los Angeles, completely utilizing the same equipment used OTEP’s first album, Sevas Tra (down to Shamaya’s vocal microphone, a SHURE Beta 58), in order to create a sound reminiscent of their roots. Kult 45 was self-produced by the band, with assistant engineering from Larry Goetz, Nicolas Schilke and Lizzy Ostro.

Shamaya explains that Kult 45 is the most authentic album OTEP has ever released, at least since their first record, and self-producing it helped achieve this result. “We had the freedom to be able to write, record and exist within the songs on Kult 45. Things needed to be said and songs needed to be written that reflect the times. We weren’t under anyone else’s agenda, there was no pressure to create a “single” or a song for radio, and the band was really able to shine.” 

Kult 45 track listing:
1- Hail To The Thief
2- Halt Right
3- Molotov
4- Said The Snake
5- Undefeated
6- Trigger Warning
7- Cross Contamination
8- Shelter In Place
9- Boss
10- To The Gallows
11- Sirens Calling
12- Invisible People
13- Be Brave
14- Wake Up (cover of Rage Against the Machine)
15- Feral Oracle (Bonus Track)
16- The Tribe Speaks (Bonus Track)

OTEP does not hold back on Kult 45, pointing out all sorts of political duplicities and leaving them in their wake. The band explodes on aggressive, adamant anthems like “Halt Right” and “Molotov”, which act as timely outcries against the recent resurgence of hate groups. Tracks like the in-your-face “Cross Contamination” explore the hypocrisy of the evangelical right giving Trump a pass on his infidelities, and cherry-picking scriptures to fit their ideologies. “Invisible People” approaches immigration issues while pointing a strong finger at Trump, the electronically-charged “Boss” aims to break, fight, and redefine gender roles, and “Trigger Warning” targets rape culture – specifically Stanford rapist Brock Turner –with a vengeance. 

“Shelter In Place” investigates the topic of school shootings, specifically. “This song is extremely important to me because it was inspired by the bravery of those Parkland students who formed the March For Our Lives,” says Shamaya. “The outro is, ‘hey hey NRA, how many kids did you kill today?’ because they’ve actively taken measures to make our kids less safe in school. They want to arm teachers, they want to put more guns in schools and on the street. The song itself isn’t specifically anti-gun, but aimed at the hypocrisy of the NRA and certain belief systems that lose sight of what’s truly important – the lives of our children.”

The album pre-closes with a cover of “Wake Up” – an homage to political music icons, major Kult 45 writing inspiration, and original track recording artists Rage Against The Machine – as well as a unique finisher, “The Tribe Speaks”, featuring recorded voicemails from fans expressing how OTEP’s music has changed their lives. “In the voicemails people say they feel empowered, that the music saved them,”explains Shamaya. “They told us that they discovered their identities with our music. There was a girl who said that she considered committing suicide and that our music pulled her out of that. These were all based on last album, and I think that this album will have a similar impact on people. These are so moving – it’s what keeps me fighting. Really.”

“We want to empower people,” ends Shamaya. “This album wasn’t written to only wake people up, it’s meant to carbonate people with the hope and confidence that they can make a difference.”

Pre orders for Kult 45 are available now





Unveil Details Of Cover Album, Communio Lupatum - Out July 20


COMMUNIO LUPATUM!, The upcoming POWERWOLF studio album The Sacrament Of Sin definitely holds some surprises for you! The special edition comes as 3-CD earbook edition with studio album a covers album and an orchestral album!


After having released the initial info and details on top-level guest for the cover album

it's now time to unveil the artwork and track listing of Communio Lupatuml! This cover album features the biggest POWERWOLF hits covered by international stars of the metal scene!


Find the full track listing of Communio Lupatum here:

1. Sacred & Wild - Epica

2. We Drink Your Blood - Saltatio Mortis

3. Kiss Of The Cobra King - Caliban

4. Resurrection By Erection - Battle Beast

5. Night Of The Werewolves - Heaven Shall Burn

6. The Evil Made Me Do It - Kadavar

7. Let There Be Night - Kissin' Dynamite

8. Amen & Attack - Mille Petrozza, (Kreator) & Marc Görtz (Caliban)

9. Army Of The Night - Amaranthe

10. Nata vimpi cvrmi da / Ira Sancti (When the Saints Are Going Wild) Eluveitie


Pre orders available now!






Reveal Video For On This Rock I Will Build My Church


LORD OF THE LOST have just released the official video for their new song “On This Rock I Will Build My Church”.  The song is taken from the new album THORNSTAR which will be published on August 3rd via Napalm Records.


Class Grenayde comments on the song: “On This Rock I Will Build My Church” is the perfect opener for the very large and heavy packaging in which this monster was trapped. The song paves the way for a lot more…”

Chris Harms adds:“For the video we came up with something very special. We’ve invented both a time machine and a rejuvenation apparatus to live up to our roots and as children

somewhere between the 80S and 90S to shoot this very special music video on VHS. That was damn expensive but it was worth it.”


Watch the worldwide exclusive video premiere for “On This Rock I Will Build My Church” 



LORD OF THE LOST is a multi-talented modern metal band whose music presents itself far beyond genre stereotypes: a solid metal base featuring industrial parts or other dark rock elements – nothing is impossible.

Their previous releases topped the German album charts and their upcoming release THORNSTAR will in no way be inferior to past efforts. This their sixth studio album reveals even more sonic facets of the band all the while remaining hard and forceful. The deep and emotional concept behind the album follows the myth of a doomed high civilization. THORNSTAR is a record unique in both sound and concept.





1. On This Rock I Will Build My Church

2. Loreley

3. Black Halo

4. In Our Hands

5. Morgana

6. Haythor

7. Naxxar

8. Cut Me Out

9. The Mortarian

10. Under The Sun

11. In Darkness

In Light

12. Forevermore

13. Ruins



1. Abracadabra (feat. Dero Goi / OOMPH!) 

2. Voodoo Doll

3. The Art Of Love

4. Lily Of The Vale

5. Penta

6. Free Radicals

7. Live Pray Die Repeat






Release Lyric Video For Push Pull


As Hoobastank gear up for the release of PUSH PULL, their sixth studio album out May 25, the group have premiered the title track and lyric video today. 

PUSH PULL finds the multi-platinum, 3X GRAMMY-nominated Hoobastank--DOUG ROBB (Lead vocals/rhythm guitar), DAN ESTRIN Lead guitar/keyboards), CHRIS HESSE (Drums/percussion/backing vocals), JESSE CHARLAND (bassist/keyboardist/backing vocals)--exploring both rock and pop songwriting with a renewed vigor.  

Watch the lyric video for “Push Pull,” the title track from Hoobastank’s new album 


On PUSH PULL, the band partnered with producer Matt Wallace (Faith No More, Deftones, Maroon 5, Andy Grammer). As a result, the album nails a bull’s-eye to the group’s underappreciated sweet spot--the large-scale, muscular ‘80s-‘90s alternative rock of U2, Duran Duran, INXS and even Tears for Fears, whose “Heads Over Heels” gets a brawny, Bowiesque take on the new collection. Hoobastank approached PUSH PULL with the swagger and confidence of a band whose first three albums all went either gold, platinum or multi-platinum. “The Reason” garnered multiple GRAMMY nominations for “Song of the Year,” “Best Rock Album” and “Best Pop Performance” for a Duo or Group. 


Album highlights include the go-for-broke “Just Let Go (Who Cares if We Fall),” which sums up Hoobastank’s attitude. “At least we get to fly,” sings ROBB. In the title track “Push Pull,” and “More Beautiful,” DOUG unleashes his falsetto, while the funky R&B feel is a tribute to DAN’s early, late--‘90s penchant for Chic and “groove-based” dance music. Songs like “True Believer” and “Buzzkill (Before You Say Goodbye)” show Hoobastank maturing from adolescent to adult relationships, often examining the difficulty of keeping alive the sexuality that fuels them.  “We Don’t Need the World” and “There Will Never Be Another” explore the protective bubble and the memories which bind two people together. DOUG’s lyrics to the headphones-worthy “Fallen Star” were inspired by a memory of him watching television one night and seeing a military family of a soldier who had died in combat. It made him think of the brave men and women who serve and even more so now the parents of those who serve. 


With PUSH PULL, Hoobastank find themselves looking back to the future, combining the best of what brought them here and establishing their presence in the current pop-rock spectrum. 


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