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Steve Balbi + Jess Irwin collaborate using Dr Jordan Nguyen's eye-controlled music technology, Psykinetic

April 15, 2018


“This is the place where technology and the human spirit meet.”

– Steve Balbi


The world became a very different place from Wednesday 11 April for millions of Australians, thanks to a suite of breakthrough technologies developed by Dr Jordan Nguyen and his team at Psykinetic. One ground-breaking innovation is Atmosphere, which is eye-controlled music software that allows people living with high-level physical disability to use only their eyes to make music.
Winners (Psykinetic Mix), which is available by digital download and streaming from today, marks yet another world first. It’s the debut single to be released and recorded with the assistance of Psykinetic’s eye-controlled software – Atmosphere.

Atmosphere has already featured at numerous world-first performances. Jessica Irwin accompanied the Australian Piano Quartet at the Sydney Opera House, TEDx Salon, and Telstra Vantage 2017.
In an unprecedented creative collaboration, Steve Balbi and Jessica Irwin have brought together their exceptional experiences of life at the margins and Psykinetic’s breakthrough software to reimagine the song Winners, which first appeared on Balbi’s debut solo LP – Black Rainbow (2014).
Balbi’s production credits transverse genres as readily as his journey as a musician: Noiseworks, Electric Hippies, Little River Band, Juice, Jenny Morris, Pearls & Swine, Toe to Toe, Vincent Stone, Fyre Byrd and Christine Anu, among many others. And in 1999, he sat in on vocals and guitar for David Bowie’s Hours sessions with Marius de Vries. However, the reimagination of Winners with Jessica Irwin breaks entirely new ground altogether.

BUY/LISTEN TO Winners (Psykinetic Mix) here:

Jessica Irwin is an illustrator, author, photographer, web designer, and musician. Jessica also has some physical limitations. Her mind and eyes are the only things that she has full control over due to her Cerebral Palsy. However, with Atmosphere, Jessica can create music in real time, add instruments, play individual notes, chords, and layer tracks to produce complex musical creations, opening up a new world of creative expression.  
Jessica first met the singer, composer, and producer, Steve Balbi five years ago, after attending one of his gigs. The evening culminated with a promise to one day work together. This ‘dream’, as Jessica refers to it, materialised in 2017 when she accompanied Steve Balbi at Telstra Vantage 2017, performing live on stage in front of 3,500 people,

“I’ve always believed that if you can imagine it, you can achieve it. And I’ve always dreamed of making music. Today, through the magic of eye-controlled technology, my dream comes true. And what better way to celebrate than to record a single with my friend and mentor, Steve Balbi.”
– Jess Irwin.

Jessica Irwin (Photographer:  Russell Cherry)


The reimagination of Winners and subsequent release of Winners (Psykinetic Mix) is more than merely a milestone in the extraordinary life of Jessica Irwin, for the heightened sensibilities inherent within this captivating collaboration transcend cutting-edge communications technology and the depths of the soul.
In this sense, the release of Winners (Psykinetic Mix) recasts the notion of struggle within a unique context – an altogether new dimension from within which creativity may emerge, and where dreams become realised.

“Through the magic of technology and creativity, anything is possible.”
– Dr Jordan Nguyen, Founder & CEO, Psykinetic

Millions of Australians know Dr Jordan Nguyen as a dynamic and thoughtful biomedical engineer, TV documentary presenter and spokesperson for the positive intersections between technology and humanity.
At 20 years of age, a life-changing accident led Dr Jordan to meet a number of his current friends who inspired a strong belief in human potential. Since then he has worked with passion and resolve to create inclusive technologies aimed at improving quality of life and independence for people with disability, which has led to the foundation of Psykinetic.
Psykinetic is a game-changing social business with the vision of creating a more inclusive society through futuristic and empowering technologies. Combining ‘psyche’ and ‘kinetic’, Psykinetic aims to put mind into action.
With the global launch of Atmosphere music creation, Frontier communication software, and the world’s first eye-controlled software marketplace, StarGaze, Psykinetic has laid the foundation for a more inclusive society, including for the 1.4 million Australians (1 in 18) living with severe or profound disability.  

“Everyone has the capacity to contribute to society, improve the lives of others, and ultimately work towards a better world for future generations. We are launching the starting points of a powerful movement that will open up a world of possibilities and empower individuals with more technological tools to help create that change.”
– Dr Jordan Nguyen, Founder & CEO, Psykinetic

Winners (Psykinetic Mix) is available on all digital media platforms from Monday 16 April 2018, on Social Family Records.




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