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**INTERVIEW** Counterparts – Keeping It Cool, Canadian Cool, with Brendan Murphy

April 10, 2018


Australia, be prepared for sonically charged, crushingly great metalcore madness as Canada’s own Counterparts prepare to invade the country on tour.  With mates in metalcore Stray From The Path with them on their incredible journey as co-headliners, the seven-date run is a rare opportunity to witness a raw sense of collaboration and a natural adventure in sound from two of the genres biggest bands.


Following the release of their fifth studio album, You’re Not You Anymore, Counterparts, despite several hurdles in their 11-year history, have maintained an endearing honesty and natural demeanour that fans the world over love and respect.


Vocalist Brendan Murphy is a buzz of excitement when he speaks to Rogue Inc. from The Philippines, hotly anticipating the band’s first ever appearance there. Murphy is the embodiment of what Counterparts fans love – honest, fun, and a down to earth kind of guy.


You’re in the Philippines right now?


Yeah, we’re getting ready to do our first show here ever which is pretty exciting.


Yeah, and you’re getting closer and closer to Australia which is even more exciting for me!


Exactly. These are kind of like the gambles, we didn’t really know what to expect by coming here, hopefully people know who we are but for Australia, it’s kind of like, yeah, we know people like us. That’s kind of why we saved it for last – we don’t know how Japan and stuff will go but we know Australia will be sick! [It’s] at the very last, we just put that at the end so that way, before we get the 16-hour flight home, at least we’ll have the most fun!


But everything’s been great – Japan’s been awesome, [The] Philippines, it’s our first time being here and apparently the show tonight has 500 presale so it’s like, what the hell is going on? This is better than I could have expected.


That’s incredible. I would never have assumed somewhere like The Philippines would be into its metalcore to that degree.


Yeah exactly, Tom [Williams] from Stray From The Path and I were talking, and we were like ‘How many kids do you think will be at these shows?’ and we’re like, ‘I dunno, if 100 kids come, that’s cool with me.’ It’s how we operate, keep expectations low and we can actually be surprised  and excited when we find out stuff like this.


That’s obviously a great testament to you as a band that all this positive stuff can happen to you. I’d like to talk to you about your most recent album, You’re Not You Anymore. I’ve listened to it several times and I would absolutely say that Counterparts definitely show some measure of growth both personally and musically…


Thank you so much


You’re welcome. I don’t think Counterparts are you anymore. You started 11 years ago. What for you has changed, how do you feel you as a musician and you guys as a group, in this version, have grown and developed in that sense?


For me personally, being the only original [member], I think over time, the time alone, I’m pretty laid back. Like I started the band when I was 16, and it’s like now I turn 27 [years old] at the end of the month and obviously over that time, things are gonna change. We had a lot of changes happen with members. Think of all the members we’ve had - we had our main songwriter leave, you know, other members come and go. We were getting these new members bringing their own vibe, breathing new life into the music. Over five full length records you start to learn, stuff that we did on [2010’s] Prophets or The Current [Will Carry Us, 2011] is stuff we just wouldn’t do now because we’re like, ‘Yeah you know what, maybe we’re good with that.’ We figured what we’re good at and we’re the kind of band that are at a level where we’ve found who we are in our music or whatever. Everybody in the band, whether they’re original [members] or not, Counterparts has its own sound and style that we know what we have to do to make that. There’s always room for interpretation in terms of we wanna try something new.


It’s like you said, I think that the growth of the band is apparent on the record and has been welcomed by a lot of people, even though some people have been like ‘Yeah I like the old shit better’, but it’s really cool that we can be around for 11 years and become more and more consistent with releases. We can change people’s minds. There are people that do prefer the older shit but then I’ve had people be like, ‘I didn’t think you could top The Difference Between Hell and Home [2013], then You’re Not [Alone Anymore] came out and yeah, it was your best record.’ It’s been really cool.


You mentioned the sound and style being something that everybody can get on board with and bring their own character too despite the various lineup changes, but what is it about the Counterparts moniker that makes the band what it is and keep drawing people to the sound?


I think fanwise, keeping people on board and bringing new people in, I think that a lot of it, I like to think that we’re very upfront. We don’t pretend to do things we don’t wanna do. There’s a lot of stuff, we don’t conduct ourselves in a way that shows that we’re too transparent with people. I think with our fanbase it carries over and translates better when. People see bigger bands and they’re alright but then they act on stage the same way they do off stage, they’re very real-ass people. There’s no gimmicky aspect to our band, we just don’t care enough because that stuff costs time and money so we’re just gonna write cool songs and continue to be our real band that listens to ourselves. For those of our fans who have been around forever, they appreciate that, you know, just five guys playing cool songs. New kids, they’re like, ‘Yeah I don’t know they’re like, funny, they don’t act like they’re hot-shot shit, nah, they’re just like normal guys.’ That’s important for me. I would hate to have that reputation of celebrities or rock stars. Nah, we’re none of that, we’re pretty much as normal as can be which can be boring at times, but that’s how we are. I don’t wanna pretend to be something I’m not. We’re dumbasses making cool songs that we like and that’s how we’ll continue to act.



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