**GAME REVIEW** Bears vs Babies


Players: 2-5      

Play time: 15-20 min

Ages: 7+


Ever noticed those armies of evil babies lurking around hunting harmless monsters.  Yeah so have the people over at Bear Food Games, and its time for the monsters to fight back.


Bears vs Babies is a strategic card game where players build monsters (heads/bodies/arms/legs) to fight armies of babies that are in the deck.  Each monster starts with a head and the heads one of 3 types, Air, Water and Ground which match the 3 types of baby armies. 

The basic premise is to make your monster worth more points then the value of the baby army and also more than the value of the other monsters of the same type on the board.


The winner of the game is the player who has defeated the most babies, as with many card games Bears vs Babies is easy to learn, with deep tactics as you get more experience with the game.  Bears vs Babies is hilarious and ridiculous and well worth checking out.





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