Pelagic Records News: LLNN, Abraham, Hypno5e & Future Usses

April 5, 2018

Release Video For Appeaser
Deads - To Be Released April 27 via Pelagic Records



Danish noisemakers LLNN will release their monstrous new album Deads on April 27


The band have just released a new video for the track Appeaser, the clip was directed, filmed and edited by the Sejersen Brothers; Ketil (synths) & Rasmus (drums) from LLNN.


Watch Appeaser here


The brothers comment:

"We are fascinated by how the human mind tends to interpret random images, or patterns of light and shadows, as creatures and structures. A psychological phenomenon called “Pareidolia”. And how music and visuals can evoke certain emotions in us and let our imagination unfold into abstract storytelling.


These are the thoughts behind the music video and the album artwork of “Deads” (with photographs by drummer Rasmus G. Sejersen). The overall album theme of “Deads” is about births and downfalls of civilizations in other worlds throughout the universe.

From creation to final decay, the depletion of the host - scenes which inspired the music video.


All the footage was filmed mostly with macro lenses to create the extreme close-ups in combination with a few wide shots. Created in a minimalistic setup in our parents home. (Combined with some heavy Halo Reach 2v2 gaming. Come get some!).“



Neurosis, Cult Of Luna, Celeste, Isis, Godflesh, The Body, Botch, Breach, His Hero Is Gone, Love Sex Machine, Converge


1) Despots • 2) Parallels • 3) Armada • 4) Civilizations • 5) Appeaser • 6) Deplete • 7) Structures • 8) Deads 

Listen to the gigantic first track Armada here
Watch the tension inducing album teaser here







To Release The Existential Haunting On September 14


L.A.'s FUTURE USSES deliver an astounding instrumental record of devastatingly heavy, oppresively slow, yet shimmery and lush sludge-paced rock, run through a filter of nightmarish psychedelia.


It's hard to believe that „The Existential Haunting“ is really a debut album… the Three-piece's sound comes across too shrewd, too canny and too sophisticated. But while FUTURE USSES have really only played a handful of shows in their short career, main songwriter Sacha Dunable has been a member of INTRONAUT for almost 15 years, and dabbled with various doom metal projects over the years, like BEREFT (LA). 


FUTURE USSES takes small elements of what those bands do and magnifies them, combining the slow-motion crushing power of doom with the atmosphere and dense harmonic tendencies of INTRONAUT.


Drums and guitar were recorded at Clearlake Audio with Josh Newell (INTRONAUT, CYNIC), Derek Donley (INTRONAUT, BEREFT) and bass with Jon Nunez (TORCHE), all in Los Angeles. Mixing was done by CONVERGE'S Kurt Ballou at God City Studio.

FUTURE USSES lavish guitar sound is built around live guitar loops which presents a whole set of limitations but also virtually endless opportunities.


Sacha Dunable comments. 'The beautiful thing about making an instrumental record is that you're not obligated to impose any specific literal message onto the listener, but rather to concentrate on setting a vibe that can be interpreted or personified naturally through the power of their own’


Check out the album teaser here



Explosions In The Sky, Russian Circles, Sigur Ros, Pallbearer, Pelican, Sleep, Yob, Earth



Sacha Dunable – guitar • Derek Donley – drums • Dan Wilburn – bass



1. What Is Anything

2. Absolute Zero

3. Make Flowers

4. Heavenly Superperson

5. Apocalypse When Convenient

6. The Existential Haunting





Stream Alba – Les Ombres Errantes In Full

Album Out Now!


Listen to Alba here!



French post metal pioneers HYPNO5E have always been a borderline band, in the truest sense of the term: a band that transcend the borders and limitations of not only the genre of music which is commonly considered to be their territory, but the territory of music itself. Their conceptual, cinematic live show has always been built upon a strong visual component... but that was just the beginning of a journey which is now reaching the next level. 



Alba – Les Ombres Errantes ("The Wandering Shadows") is the first full length movie directed by singer and guitar player Emmanuel Jessua… and his band, HYPNO5E.
They have turned down their amps, & switched them off entirely, to provide the stunning 75 minutes soundtrack for this ambitious project.



For fans who are used to the technical post metal that HYPNO5E have become known for, the band's acoustic alter ego (featuring the same members), also known under the guise A BACKWARD GLANCE ON A TRAVEL ROAD, might come as a surprise at first: but fans of the band are well aware that moments of folk and latin have always been present in HYPNO5E's epic take on contemporary metal.



Alba, is out now!






Release Trippy Animated Video For Vulvaire


Swiss Post Metallers, Abraham have created another spectacular video. This time for the track Vulvaire from the forthcoming FOUR LP ALBUM - Look, Here Comes The Dark - To Be Released May 11


Watch it here


The band comment

“"Vulvaire“ is taken from the third part of our album. After the collapse of the reign of man in part one, after the reclaim of vegetation in part two, part three depicts the era of the mycelium. It is a new era where lush vegetation has given way to a humongous sprawling mycelium, controlling all remaining life. The last form of collective consciousness has merged into a gigantic organism whose ultimate task is to purge the planet of the scoria of humanity. We wanted to experiment with songwriting and arrangements. Emerge some magical moments, hybrid forms of life and bizarre new signs of religiosity. Pierre captured all this and injected it into a weird psychedelic 3d animated video. What is happening here is indescribable and requires to forget about everything you ever expected from a ‘metal' video…“

Look, Here Comes The Dark is really… something else.

Something else in every imaginable regard: intensity. Conceptuality. Ferocity. Delivery. Obsession. Depth. Length. Darkness. Madness.
Look, Here Comes The Dark! is, simply put, a concept album about the end of times: a classic post-apocalyptic dystopia, like a musical version of McCarthy's „The Road“, or Whitehead's „Zone One“. 



The album is divided into four consecutive periods, one for each vinyl record, throughout which the story of the disappearance of all life on Earth is told. Each section is defined by a unique approach in terms of style, songwriting, degree of experimentation and choice of instrumentation. Producer Magnus Lindberg from Cult Of Luna has taken an approach that honors each part's own integrity and identity, and mixed the drums, guitars, synths, vocals diferently for each part, as if they were independent records.





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