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Sydney’s Maverick is a five piece band that could not care less what you think about them. Not getting bogged down chasing the latest trend means they are doing their own thing, and in a time of trending social media and hashtag hipsters, that is something that makes them stand out even more.

‘State Of Mind’ is their debut six track EP, recorded at Karma Sound Studios in Thailand, and drops March 16. It can be pre-ordered through iTunes and all the other main digital outlets, and physical pre-orders can be made through the dogfightrecords.com website. The first track off the EP is called Longevity and is streaming on Spotify and Apple Music right now.


On the topic of the first track Longevity, Maverick have filmed a clip for the song. It was done as a classic long tracking shot, any time this is attempted, you know that everything has to go right, or you are filming the whole thing all over again (or you just suck up any mistakes and leave them in). It has a feel of a ‘let’s get together one weekend and do this, and lets see how much stupid shit can we get in it that will be fun to do and to watch’ type of video, it’s a nice change from bands taking themselves way too seriously. Maybe I am just a big fan of Jackass and that I like people doing dumb shit on video for the amusement of others. If the band is enjoying what they do, their energy is always going to come across and that just makes it a better experience to me. Check it out for yourself below and leave a comment on what you think of the clip:



Opening with the song Longevity, this sets the tone of the EP, good Hardcore Punk guitars and sound. It has a great chorus that you can tell will make for great crowd participation live.


Following this is 10 Seconds, it follows the classic fast fast slow style like the other tracks on the EP, and it’s a style used by a lot of songs by many bands, it is a classic style because it works, and this song certainly works it well.


Next up is Crimson King, driving beats and fast running guitars can you ask for more? Great vocals of some fine lyrics make this track probably my favourite off the EP.


Then we have the title track off the EP. State Of Mind is almost the statement of the bands intent with the EP rather than just another song. With lines like ‘Be the change you want to be’ certainly feels like it stamps the bands outlook on life into the track.


Apologies, starts out as the most mellow song on offer, but switches up into the energy the band brings to all their songs, dropping back down into the musical smoothness of the opening, ramping back up into a crescendo to then fade out in a mellow atmospheric echo. This shows the band has more to offer in their songwriting, and is a good indicator of the breadth of style the songs to come from them in future will hold.


Closing the EP is Resolve. A song that bookends the end of the EP against Longevity at the start. Full of strong guitar and vocals, building to a crescendo that ties up the end of this EP really well.




1. Longevity
2. 10 Seconds
3. Crimson King
4. State Of Mind

5. Apologies
6. Resolve 



Hardcore Punk is never going to be everyone’s taste. This EP is well worth checking out, cranking it loud on the stereo while you have a few friends over drinking a few cans would make for a good night, just as these songs would rip it up live and fire up the audience. It is generally the Australian bands that have a faster heavier sound, and Maverick certainly does that on this EP, and it is all the better for it.


Nicholas Turner


Grab the 'State of Mind' EP now - punters can Pre-order at iTunes with instant download of Longevity and there are exclusive State of Mind bundles at the band's label's Dogfight Records store.

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