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**LIVE REVIEW** Fall Out Boy // WAAX @ Riverstage - 28th Feb 2018

February 28, 2018



I don’t like kids.
Unless they’re related to me, I despise them.

I like the term because of how loose it is. You can be talking about toddlers, preschoolers, primary students, high school teens, or just about anyone that is younger than you.
In this instance I refer to this insane sonic force of about three thousand teenage chicks that have glammed up for a sold out night alongside 6000 other attendees. I’d like to think the majority of those were responsible adults, but then you’d have to include me in that demographic. Not a smart thing to do, given I was hoisting other chicks on my shoulders for a better look at the stage for the night.


What? I can be nice when I need to be.

Everyone has had their emo phase. Yes, I’m looking at that Dream Theater-prog-rock-elitist in the corner too. Everyone has had some kind of moshing, crying and growing up next to one of the emo kingpins for that teenage soundtrack. You either screamed along to I’m Not Okay with My Chemical Romance, danced your Doc Martens off thanks to Panic! At The Disco’s Camisado, or you’re like me, hands in the air clapping to the beat of Dance, Dance for the nights entertainment:

Fall Out Boy.


Come recent years with LP’s like American Beauty/American Psycho and Save Rock And Roll, I felt isolated. Infinity on High was one of those big records for me in my early teen years. I adored that CD back to front left and right, inside and out. The newer material is still well polished, a brilliant clockwork of the pop punk gears with a lovely glass of emotion to drown yourself in however is no longer the sole foundation from which they draw upon. When My Songs Know What You Did In The Dark (Light Em Up) hit the radio, those fences of emo kid nostalgics and adulthood was ridden harder than my favourite spot in the schoolyard when I was a kid.

The sound was still Pete, Pat, Andy and Joe making some great noise, but at the same time I was crestfallen that the old sound was just that. Bands change overtime but I longed to go back for one last hoo-ha to one of the many soundtracks of my teenage years.

Before I continue, you should know this: The opening act, WAAX. Fuck, they deserve your attention, and I demand you give it to them! A 5 piece blending up some modern punkness with that classic emo-alternative rockin’. The beautiful Maz on vocals was wailing the whole set, she truly tore up that larynx of hers for the night. Goddamn, it was blissful, energetic and fraught with an eclectic sound in today's love of modernity and polished stadium rock. A diamond in the rough. Not that there’s anything wrong with that, its just the former exceeds that latter in some scenarios, this being one of them. Check out these Brisbane locals when you can. I hear they’re opening for a certain Scottish trio in April…

The second Fall Out Boy enters the stage, shrill screams pierced my ears. Again, I remember, I don’t like kids. It was just like the first time I saw them in 2008, lots of teenage fan girls, well, fangirling. Except some of these fangirls were now fanwomen. Nothing wrong with that. Still, I maintain that my tinnitus isn’t caused by music, but by the audiences at some of these shows. BrisVegas definitely counts for amongst some of the louder shows I’ve seen.
Pat was definitely giving them reasons to scream. The King of Pop Punk vocals still holds that claim to the throne. His soulful runs and powerhouse delivery seriously have myself questioning why I continue playing guitar when talent like that still exists. Opening up with The Phoenix, Irresistible, Hum Hallelujah and Sugar, We’re Going Down, there is no bullet from a goddamn arms race that can screw the logic that these guys are fantastic in their live game. The pyrotechnics, lighting, free shirt tosses and those confetti cannons really mad you feel the vibe. These guys know what sort of energy they have to give to get you off your feet.


Every able body was clapping along and dancing. All the voices were humming, whistling, singing, shouting and crying along to the songs. It carried out from that point forthwith with much wailing and laughter and joy. I also now understand completely on how some folk reckon Pete upstages Pat as the frontman. Somehow during the multiple mega-hit infused party of a drum solo (I now realise how underrated Andy is as a drummer), Pete had managed to sneak in through the crowd without causing so much as a peep. Next minute all lights are on the sound booth and everyones favourite bassist is on the opposite end of the arena as his bandmates, as he starts grooving into Dance, Dance.

Whatever doubts I had regarding their newer material from MANIA, I think have mostly been killed from this show. My own preconceptions and slight tinge of sadness at FOB no longer being those Emo Pop giants that they were was washed away. The slate that remained was clear, fresh and ready for a whole new slathering. There’s something in these shows for all ages. The fanwomen will be diehard lovers of their work for ages, and the new teenyboppers down the front row with those crazy high pitch shrieks will swoon over any of their songs. Fall Out Boy still hold fast to the flame they carried as leaders of the emo crowd from the 2000’s.

I may not like kids, you might even hate them, but these youngsters go alright at a FOB gig.

Don’t feel discouraged, the allure is Irresistible, like Uma Thurman.







Licensed All Ages


For more information: http://selecttouring.com.au/tours/fall-out-boy/





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