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**GAME REVIEW** Ticket to Ride

February 21, 2018




Player: 2-5        Play time: 30-60min

Ages: 8+



A great introduction to tabletop gaming, Ticket to Ride is somewhere between a board game, a card game and a table top miniatures game.

Ticket to Ride is very simple to learn with each player is tasked with building train routes across America.  Players collect different coloured cards and use these to place trains on colour coded train tracks to link cities together.  The longer the train route the more points you get.  There are also tickets which are cards that list 2 cities and are worth bonus points for completing the route, but if the game ends and you have unfinished tickets then you loss the amount of points that was on the ticket. 

Another way to get points is to finish the game with the longest continues train.  These 2 areas of the game are where the tactics come into the game with player trying to work out what tickets each other are trying to complete and blocking that route or placing trains on a track that stops someone from continuing one long train.


With simple rules, in-depth game play and cute little trains Ticket to Ride would be a good addition to any games cupboard.






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