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**REVIEW** Lycanthrope - Chapters

February 1, 2018


Lycanthrope, a six-man metal core outfit from Newcastle are here to remind you that old-school metalcore isn’t dead yet.

Three guitarists alone gave me a hint of the blistering ride their new LP Chapters would take me. The opening track of Wings throws you straight into the 40 minutes of head banging. A guitar Riff that could have a younger Jeff Ling of Parkway Drive guffaw whilst dropping his jaw to the floor. I’m not even through 2 minutes of the opening track of this album and already I’m verging on the edge of my seat, ready to rip off my headphones and descend into a private mosh pit.


The likes of In Hearts Wake, Confession and I Killed The Prom Queen come to my mind, that classic underground heavy Australian sonic-boom from the mid 2000’s. This is a record you could both lose your mind to and bench that final massive chest press at the gym. The invigoration of adrenaline flows through your ears and rushes to your bones.


But what really catches my ear is their sense of melody and approach. I pick up on an early Architects seasoned with a dash of Wage War. The progression and approach to their songs isn’t about how to make something bigger and heavier than the last, but how can something in a genre that has the majority of the songs come across in the same manner differ in personality. For example, the breakdown in their fourth track Chapters, flows between an absolute ball crusher of a drop into something that lifts you up only to fall back into a brilliant riff for the climax. Instead of injecting metal flourishes and embellishments into a hardcore punk band, Lycanthrope take the opposite. They drag the punk spirit into a heavy metal style.


What surprised me the most was an acoustic ballad on the album, Follow My Name. The clean vocal tones that vocalist Daniel Greig pulled out of the bag had me whipping out a metaphorical lighter in the air. The song is a journey that shows another side of them. They can turn all the way down to 1% and then turn it up way beyond eleven in a matter of seconds. Whilst with a band like Parkway for example, they’ll stick to their strengths and have formed their style and fanbase as a result. But Lycanthrope look to the horizon for what seas they haven’t yet sailed. I had to pinch myself to make sure I was listening to the same band. But when the resulting sound turned up and the driving loudness hit me I was knocked away by how quickly they could change gears.

Overall, wow.
Just wow.

This LP is going to be growing on me fast, and Lycanthrope better be getting some of the fucking recognition they deserve soon. The quality, execution and thoughts behind this album promote the image of a band that has been around the international spotlight for a few years. I cannot fault this even if you paid me too. It really tickles my personal love for the heavier sounds whilst also nurturing my love of melody.

Final thoughts?
I want this on vinyl. Now!


Rogue Rating : 5/5


'Chapters' drops February 16 2018.

Pre-Orders for Lycanthrope's 'Chapters' album are live on iTunes & all digital stores now. For More Information, go to https://www.facebook.com/lycanthropemusic






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