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**INTERVIEW** Welcome to the Glitterstrip with Johnny Boxer and Glitterstrip Promotions

January 9, 2018



Johnny Boxer is headed to the Gold Coast this weekend for what could possibly be his most challenging role yet.
Boxer - better known as Bobo Gigliotti from Fat Pizza - is tackling the sun, surf, and sand in his new role as ambassador for the Gold Coast's newest and most exciting promotions agency, Glitterstrip Promotions.

"I'm looking forward to it," he cackled down the phone. "I'm gonna grab it with two hands because I'm a beast on a short leash and they better grab me with whatever they can! I'm looking forward to it because the girls on the Gold Coast are beautiful. They shine and I'm gonna make a difference. I'm coming with the X-factor and it's gonna be grand."

Being an ambassador isn't just fun and games. Boxer is actually going to have to work - not that I'm convinced he has realized that yet.

"First of all I'm doing a ladies party like a hens night," he purred. "Not that I'm the rooster for the evening but I'm gonna walk on the bus with nothing but my apron on and I'm heavily tattooed and I have a tattoo of an elephant on my stomach and the trunk goes down to my... well you can imagine. I was gonna say ladies and gentlemen and then I realized they are only hens, so I'm gonna say ladies, you might remember me from the movie The Year My Voice Broke or Crocodile Hungdee so I won't need anyone to introduce me. Like I say, I'm a beast on a short leash so let's go to a place and let's get on with it haha. As far as the strippers I'm gonna interview I reckon they are up and coming. They're gonna wanna impress me but that takes a lot. Tits and ass... everyone's got one. To me, it's the X factor. Leave me to cuddle up with one of them and between me and the bedpost, it's all over, haha. Even if we take it a bit further we'll be doing things in the Chevy or the Mustang or whatever car they wanna drive me in, YEEHA!. Mate, I'm the V8 of the Gold Coast now so you'd wanna listen here. The girls had wanna behave because I'm telling you I'm very tidy when it comes to passionate and sensual. Four hours is a minimum..."

You might be thinking to yourself how does an actor - albeit an iconic Australian larrikin - qualify to be an ambassador for a promotions agency, but Boxer is quick to point out that if anything he is overqualified.

"As a teenager at the age of seventeen, I walked into the Panther on the cross - the Pink Panther - and asked for a job. They asked me how old I was and I didn't lie and they said okay you start Monday, you're on the lights and that means I had to change the colours for the strippers. In the twelve months I worked there between 17 and 18 I knew how to use my hands because I was a state representative and I also had a tongue that could taste test any pussy so I was blessed with both. They employed me as a supervisor for all their clubs in the Cross for thirteen years after that. If I could earn my stripes and cut my teeth in that then God bless me haha. I can't tell you what happened but if you understand the nature of the Cross... people come from good families and people come from bad families and we respected them all and you earned your stripes by reputation, not by a badge or a pamphlet or a photo. Things were different back then so we really had to earn our place. That sent me into a residual magic carpet ride. My life is a magic carpet ride. You wait until I get to the Gold Coast it will be all gears on the floor haha."

Boxer didn't always have ambitions to be in the entertainment industry, moreso the industry went looking for him. He isn't classically trained - he isn't even trained for that matter - but his take no bullshit attitude and self-belief have always been the cornerstone of his success.

"We used to go and see bands back in the day on weekends," he began, "and we'd move from one club to another and they were all glorious places to go. What happened was there were two young gay men in one of these bars - and I know they were gay because they were wearing brown leather jackets and lapels - and they were looking at me. I had two chicks with me that I worked with at the strip club and they said I think those guys are coming onto you Johnny because they've been looking at you for a long time. Me just being a stand-up kind of dude and a good looking young bloke they walked up to me and said hello, we're casting directors and you've got a wonderful look and we want to put you on our books. I replied get the fuck out of my way you idiot haha. That was my reaction and then they said you have a wonderful voice as well. Well, I got embarrassed and walked away and the girls made them a promise that I would go and see them the next day. Me and the girls went back to my place at Bondi and I woke up with two blondes - one either side of me - and they were pushing me out of bed saying you've got an appointment at 11 o'clock. It was 11 o'clock already so I jumped up unshaven and I had a ripped singlet on and ripped trackies and I threw on a leather jacket and I jumped into the Kingswood and drove to town. I hadn't driven in town for years so I didn't know where to park so I just parked at Hype Park on the footpath underneath the stairwell. On the footpath. I ran upstairs and as I got to the top there was a guy walking out with a portfolio and combed hair and a suit and I heard them say to him sorry mate, we can't do anything for you. Well, my heart dropped and I thought what the fuck do these guys want? When I walked in I looked them straight in the eye and I said Johnny Boxer's my name, I'm the man you want, and they said for you Johnny we can do something. The next day I'm in E Street booked for just the one day. TV Week arrived and they threw me in the center of the photo with all the gangsters and the next week I got eight weeks work out of it as a gangster! That was my first gig. Then came Police Rescue with Gary Sweet and I was an undercover detective believe it or not! Plus I got paid twenty grand for two words in a fucken commercial! They invited me into the industry. I never studied drama, I've never done any training. You know how people hunger for it and they wanna do training and better themselves? I didn't give two fucks. It was give me the money haha."

Of course, the role for which Boxer is best known is that of the crazy chainsaw wielding pizza chef Bobo in Pizza and Fat Pizza, a role which boxer readily admits is his personal favourite.

"It is because it went for so long," he enthused, "and the beauty of it was that I jumped into Fat Pizza not knowing what the fuck I was doing. The director knew that I was charismatic and had something but as he started filming I developed the character and got into it more because I was in the deep end. I didn't know what the fuck I was doing, I had no idea what they even expected of me. Everything I did was off the cuff and was all my own dialogue and it was all me. Everything I said was new and fresh and seemed to work. Fat Pizza the earlier series was one of the best series on TV as far as I'm concerned. It was never advertised or had premieres or anything, it was all just word of mouth or channel surfing. The next thing you know it's one of the biggest things on television - it even beat Who Wants to be a Millionaire for its timeslot! This has been going on for 23 years and it is still getting repeated on SBS and Netflix and Fox. I get Chinese people waling up to me going Bobo you shit cunt, get in the photo, and they start taking selfies with me! It's insane."

So now you have met the main character, it's time to get acquainted with the supporting cast.


Glitterstrip Promotions - The Gold Coast's newest and most exciting Promotions and Adult Entertainment company. Run by Donna Mostyn who has been in the industry for over 25 years, Glitterstrip aims to put the class back into the entertainment scene with professional staff that not only look good but also know how to communicate. Bobo is here as the special guest of Glitterstrip and can be seen at the following locations.

Thursday, January 11 - Shooters Bar, 15 Orchid Avenue, Surfers Paradise. Glitterstrip will be hosting an open casting night for new staff as well as putting on a drag show with special guest appearance by Bobo from 9 pm - 11 pm. From 11 pm the ladies night continues in the outside bar.

Friday and Saturday nights, January 12 and 13 Bobo will be the special guest on the Hangover Crawl through four nightclubs in Surfers Paradise. For special discounted tickets go to thehangovercrawl.com.au and use the code Bobo for a never to be repeated special price of $30.

Saturday, January 13 from 2 pm Bobo will be guest at the Beenleigh Skatepark with five of the best BMX riders in the world on display alongside the Glitterstrip beauties.

Shooters Bar - The Gold Coasts premiere nightclub are proud hosts of the casting call on Thursday night. Conveniently located on Orchard Avenue, Shooters is not only the place to be for your night out but is also a proud sponsor of Glitterstrip and will be hosting upcoming events and features from the agency.

S.W.A.T bus - This 30 seat party bus comes with a driver, full stereo system, and laser lights and is more or less a nightclub on wheels. Featuring it's very own dancing pole on board, the S.W.A.T bus is a black Mercedes Benz bus that hosts birthdays, hens nights, bucks parties, airport pickups and more. Operating from Byron Bay to Brisbane the S.W.A.T bus is the ultimate in Gold Coast entertainment.

Komotion Photography - probably the hardest job of all - taking photos of the Glitter girls and Bobo. Taking professional photographs for over eight years, Komotion specializes in nightclub and special event photography and is available for all of your needs.

For more information please call Donna at Glitterstrip on 0410 904 006 and join the ranks of the agency that is going to revolutionize the entertainment industry.

Kris Peters

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