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Aetherial drop new clip for 'The Insignificance of Us'

December 8, 2017


Aetherial Releases "The Insignificance Of Us" Music Video
The Still Waters Of Oblivion Out Now on Imminence Records
and Truth Inc Records

 Imminence Records' Melbourne based melodic death metal outfit Aetherial is pleased to unleash their new music video. The track, entitled "The Insignificance Of Us," is the fourth track on the band's recently released debut album The Still Waters of Oblivion. The twelve track album was released November 10th on Truth Inc. Records (Oceania and parts of Asia) and Imminence Records (rest of the world).

"We shot the video on Lake Mountain which is about two hours north east from Melbourne in Victoria’s Alpine Region. The scenery in that region is spectacular and the mountain overlooks a magnificent gully filled with stark white trees for as far as you can see. There was actually a devastating fire in 2009 that destroyed the nearby town and a large portion of the forest on the mountain which has left a vast dead looking forest below the cliffs, it’s definitely a haunting landscape.

We wanted to convey a sense of space and distance in the video in keeping with the concepts of the song with the aerial shots, whilst also maintaining consistency with the album art and lyric video imagery. "The Insignificance of Us" explores the concept of our own mortality and the fact that the world will continue whether we are in it or not. Its about realising the insignificance of us all in relation to infinite space and time but remaining positive and actually living, not just existing, but living your life. So the song is dark yet hopeful!”
- Shep Sheppard (Vocalist).


1. The Penitent Man 
2. Obscurus 
3. The Fallen Will Mark The Way 
4. The Insignificance Of Us 
5. Back To The Earth 
6. One Of The Departed 
7. Down Amongst Dead Men 
8. Perpetual Night 
9. We Who Know The Tempest 
10. Spirit Against The Flesh 
11. Three Poisons 
12. The Unavoidable Conclusion


About Aetherial:
Brutally fierce, crushing and relentless, Aetherial forge a uniquely dark and devastating sound. Combining elements of melodic death and traditional metal, formidable vocals, intense guitar riffs and epic harmonies define this brutal act from Melbourne, Australia. Lyrically, Aetherial explores the darkest recesses of the soul; exposing what is lurking behind the false reality of everyday life. The stark look beyond the restraints of social and cultural boundaries examine forces surrounding and influencing the human condition.

Aetherial’s music and commanding presence on stage attracted the attention of New York based Extreme Management Group Inc. which lead to inking a worldwide management deal and solidifying Aetherial on a roster alongside heavyweights Suffocation, Cattle Decapitation, Cryptopsy, Origin and fellow Australians King Parrot. The partnership is poised to bring their soul capturing strain of Melodic Death across the world.

Aetherial soon after inked a dual label deal with American based Imminence Records and Australian record label, Truth Inc.. The highly anticipated 12-track debut album The Still Waters of Oblivion was recorded, mixed, and mastered in Melbourne at Everland Productions by Oresti Salter. The Artwork, which was done by German artist Patrick Wittstock visualizes the aural ingenuity of the band through intensely dark visual concepts.

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