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Napalm News: WASP, Cavalera Conspiracy, Alestorm, Audrey Horne

November 19, 2017


Unveil Details For Release Of ReIdolized (The Soundtrack to the Crimson Idol)

Pre-Orders Available Now!


This year marks the 25th anniversary of "The Crimson Idol” 

The legendary story of Jonathan Aaron Steele, which was originally intended to be accompanied by a movie, with several hundred hours of film that were shot to create approximately 60 minutes of movie footage.
The album is still considered to be the best of W.A.S.P.'s career, and one of the greatest concept albums of all time! It undoubtedly belongs in every metal head’s record collection!

Napalm Records now proudly presents "ReIdolized (The Soundtrack to the Crimson Idol)", the 25th anniversary of the iconic hit album plus the original "The Crimson Idol" movie on DVD and BluRay!
For the first time EVER as originally intended – film and soundtrack united and released as one special product!
The product will also feature 4 missing songs that were originally intended to be part of the original "The Crimson Idol". 

"ReIdolized (The Soundtrack to the Crimson Idol)" will be released worldwide on February 2nd 2018 via Napalm Records!  

All info on album artwork, track listing, and available formats can be found below: 

Track listing CD1:
1    The Titanic Overture
2    The Invisible Boy
3    Arena of Pleasure
4    Chainsaw Charlie (Murders in the New Morgue)
5    The Gypsy Meets the Boy
6    Michael's Song
7    Miss You
8    Doctor Rockter

Track listing CD2:
1    I Am One
2    The Idol
3    Hold on to My Heart
4    Hey Mama
5    The Lost Boy
6    The Peace
7    Show Time
8    The Great Misconceptions of Me

Available formats:
2CD & Bluray & DVD in Slipcase
2LP Gatefold + DVD
Deluxe Box
2CD Digipack (Re-Press)
2CD Jewelcase (Re-Press)
Digital Album 


Pre orders available now





Premiere Video For Spectral War



The brand new album 'Psychosis' by CAVALERA CONSPIRACY has been released on Napalm Records,
to celebrate this very special day, the band has now also unleashed an official music video for the track 'Spectral War'!



Watch it here




Says Max Cavalera: “Our new video “Spectral War” was directed by the great tattoo artist, Paul Booth. It focuses on the idea of manipulating war through the ages!
I’m very excited for the release of “Psychosis!” Death/Thrash Metal is back to set the world on fire!!!”



The brothers Max and Iggor Cavalera formed the legendarily trailblazing heavy metal band SEPULTURA as teenagers together in 1983. Across six studio albums the Brazilian punishers perfected the art of darkness and extreme music with thrash classics such as Beneath the Remains, Arise and Chaos AD, while exploring the underbelly of third world political issues and broadening the genre's horizons with an exploration of indigenous culture, culminating with the landmark Roots album in 1996. A decade after Max left SEPULTURA and meanwhile released seven successfull records with SOULFLY, the two brothers got back together and teamed up with guitarist Marc Rizzo in 2006 to form CAVALERA CONSPIRACY: A bold testament to the talent and power this band possess together. An invigorating mixture of speed and aggression, finest thrash power and the fiercest riffage!



'Psychosis' is the fourth installment from the most lucent export of Brazil: The Thrash Metal-masters dive deep into the mire of human panic and anxiety states. This is the soundtrack to your worst sickness, a most sinister Thrash-psychoses that rip the scabs from old wounds. 

With 'Psychosis' CAVALERA CONSPIRACY are able to reanimate the intensity of the good old 80s thrash, black and death metal. These brothers have outlived all the crazy eras of metal and remain more stable and frightening than ever! 'Psychosis' is terrific, in the truest sense of the word. You won't find any thrash metal on the planet that could boast more brutal!




'Psychosis' Band Line-Up:

Max Cavalera - Vocals, Guitar

Iggor Cavalera - Drums & Percussion

Marc Rizzo - Guitar

Arthur Rizk - Bass, Noise, Synth 


Psychosis is out now








Music Video Premiere For Track Shocked To Death

Welcome back to the glory of the 80s!


With "Shadow Of The Sword" STÄLKER send you back on a trip in time to the wild days of raw Speed Metal mayhem. Heavy tempo driven songs up to full speed!


Your head will be crushed into a million pieces with a bunch of divebomb-overloads, thrash metal shredding, blastbeats and high pitched falsetto vocals. 

You certainly can't ask for more. Songs like "Satanic Panic", "Shocked To Death" and "Steel God” speak volumes.


Watch the video for “Shocked To Death”


The band commented on the track:  

"Meddling with forces beyond your comprehension, an evil force surges through your bones. Now overtaken by the rush of power, your body finally succumbs to this unnatural carnage.



Watch the first video for “Total Annihilation” 


"Shadow Of The Sword" full track listing:

1.     Total Annihilation

2.     The Mutilator

3.     Path Of Destruction

4.     Shadow Of The Sword

5.     Satanic Panic

6.     Shocked To Death

7.     Demon Dawn

8.     Master Of Mayhem

9.     Evil Dead

10.  Steel God


"Shadow Of The Sword" is out now










Release Lyric Video For Captain Morgan's Revenge



Oh wow! Back in 2008, ALESTORM were mere newcomers and beginners - and yet they created a modern metal classic and a completely new subgenre. 
Captain Morgan`s Revenge marks the birth of Pirate Metal as we know it today and turned a couple of young Scotsmen into the hottest band the modern metal scene has to offer!
Ten years later and sold-out shows all over the world, their boozy debut gets its well-deserved anniversary treatment and will be re-released on January 26th 2018 with Napalm Records!


Captain Morgan`s Revenge – 10th Anniversary Edition has received a fresh remix and remastering by original producer Lasse Lammert at his LSD studios and will be coming with a rejuvenated artwork.
Alongside the 'Live At Summer Breeze' bonus disc, this re-release will be a true gem for all collectors, new fans and nostalgics alike!


Let's travel back in time, as the band now released a lyric video for the album title track 'Captain Morgan's Revenge’. 


Check it out right here!



Says the band:
"Oh wow! What a great song! The title track of our first album Captain Morgan's Revenge is still a live staple in our set these days, and I'm sure you all know the words to it already, but we made this fun wee video just in case any of you have recently contracted amnesia. As you can hear, our producer Lasse Lammert did a great job improving the mix from the original version we made 10 years ago. Nothing too crazy, just a bit of spit and polish. Enjoy!" 



Captain Morgan`s Revenge – 10th Anniversary Edition, coming as CD digi pack, LP gatefold and digital download


Pre order here




The track list will read as follows:


CD 1

1. Over the Seas

2. Captain Morgan`s Revenge

3. The Huntmaster

4. Nancy the Tavern Wench

5. Death before the Mast

6. Terror on the High Seas

7. Set Sail and Conquer

8. Of Treasure

9. Wenches & Mead

10. Flower of Scotland


CD 2 ( bonus disk )

1. Actual Human Intro (Live at Summer Breeze 2015)

2. Walk the Plank (Live at Summer Breeze 2015)

3. The Sunk'n Norwegian (Live at Summer Breeze 2015)

4. Shipwrecked (Live at Summer Breeze 2015)

5. Magnetic North (Live at Summer Breeze 2015)

6. That Famous Ol' Spiced (Live at Summer Breeze 2015)

7. Nancy the Tavern Wench (Live at Summer Breeze 2015)

8. Keelhauled (Live at Summer Breeze 2015)

9. Rumpelkombo (Live at Summer Breeze 2015)

10. Drink (Live at Summer Breeze 2015)

11. Captain Morgan's Revenge (Live at Summer Breeze 2015)











Release First Track & Music Video From Upcoming Album!


Photo credit by Bent René Synnevåg


AUDREY HORNE will be back with their brand new album Blackout in January 2018.

Today the band delivers a kick-ass live video for the first song from the new album entitled This Is War which is a massive rock`n`roll party!  


Watch The Video below


AUDREY HORNE states on the first track release “This Is War”: 
“We are proud to soon be able to release our new album Blackout, and to give you a taste of what’s to come we are doing an early release of the opening track “This is war”. We are first and foremost a live band so we have added some images from our life on the road to accompany it. Hope to see you as a part of this when we start our tour in January. 
Stay classy,  Audrey Horne. “ 


It’s 12 ultra-catchy, fist-pumping songs that will reduce venues to piles of dust. Find the stunning album artwork by Asle Birkeland, track listing with all available formats and upcoming tour dates below. 

Make sure to get your hands on this beauty with the start of the exclusive pre-order right NOW!




Blackout track listing: 

1. This Is War

2. Audrevolution

3. Blackout

4. This One

5. Midnight Man

6. Light Your Way

7. California

8. Satellite

9. Naysayer

10. Rose Alley

11. Juggernaut (Bonus Track)

12. The End (Bonus Track)


Blackout will be available in the following formats:

Ltd Digipack incl 2 Bonus Tracks

1LP Gatefold + 7inch incl 2 Bonus Tracks

Digital Album 10 Tracks



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