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**INTERVIEW** Miss May I – Levi Benton’s Long-Awaited Return

November 17, 2017


Five long years since Miss May I last stepped out onto an Australian stage, and front man Levi Benton knows they’re not the same band they once were. With the release of their sixth studio album Shadows Inside earlier this year, Miss May I were took a stand against those that had done them wrong, a move that gave them both a little closure and satisfaction, but also their most critically well-received release to date.


With an arsenal of metalcore masterpieces, the energy and electricity they’ll bring to this run of dates is all dedicated to the one constant they had to help them through those dark times – their fans.


When last we spoke in May (here), Shadows Inside was just about to drop – you and I spoke about how the album was about sticking your middle fingers up to make it awesome and telling everyone to suck it.

Yeah. [laughs]


You laughed about that then too! I was curious, since May, the reception ‘Shadows Inside’, have the bands been putting middle fingers up in their own right?


Just the success of it was what we wanted really and that was our personal middle finger for the people we were separating with prior to the record. Now the record is doing really well, we’re like, ‘Yes, this is what we wanted’, just really go above and beyond. We wanted it to do super well, not to be super mean, well, a little bit mean [giggles], yeah, middle finger up.


And you said right now, you’re in the middle of rehearsals for the Australian tour?


Yeah, I have my monitors on right now.

That’s awesome. How’s it going?


Oh, it’s going awesome – we really haven’t been to Australia in a very long so we’re playing some songs we haven’t played in a long time, just to make sure we make up for lost time and there are a lot of really cool ones we haven’t done in a long time so we’re really excited.


So, it’ll be a good blend of the old and the new?


Oh yeah!


'Shadows Inside'


You guys are sort of, since you were last here, you’ve had a lot of changes happen in the band, so you’re not going to be in a sense the same band Aussie fans will remember, but what can they expect from what you guys are now, having developed and grown after all the rough experiences you’ve had?


The biggest thing is, we really bring a show. I think back in the day we really wanted to be a live band and we sort of, after a while, got to the point where we were happy with our playing ability and our live show – now it’s really fun because we bring a show, not just a performance, it’s there’s a spectacle to be a part of. That’s really exciting because we never got to bring this kind of show to Australia [before]. We can really bring something special, that’s what’s special about this band.


Obviously, there are a lot of bands in your genre, what could you say about the difference and special ways of Miss May I fans?


They’re really cool. Our fans are always the fans that sort of listen to all genres. We have those die-hard metal fans, but we also have a really cool group of fans where we’re the only metal band they listen to. We’re their segway into metal or we’re the band that barely ride the lines to be heavy enough and I think that’s something special we have, and I feel like that’s what’s great about Miss May I, because we can play a Killswitch [Engage] or Trivium tour, but then we can also play [Vans] Warped Tour because our fans can do both. I don’t know how to explain that or why we sound different, what they hear and why they like it, but I think it’s really cool, we’ve always had that special ability to go back and forth.


And I suppose having that kind of rapport makes occasions like your return to Australia all that much more exciting for you guys?


Yeah because there’s probably going to be fans we only just heard of us after 2012, the last time we were there. I can’t wait to play for them. They might have only discovered us in 2013, or 2015, this last month, and that’s what’s going to be exciting because we’re finally coming back. Then there are going to be those fans who saw us in 2010, 2012 and they’re coming back to the same show – that’s what we’re excited for, it’s gonna be great.


And your supports, Sylar, were they your choice? What do you feel they’re gonna bring to the show that is not only going to compliment you guys but give the fans the greatest night?


Well, we’ve been fans of Sylar for a very long time, we’ve been friends with them since they were a local band, coming on tour in New York, and no one had heard of them. That’s one of the reasons we’re excited to have them on tour, to be the guys that give them their first trip to Australia.


Another cool thing is that they’re one of those bands that can walk the line of having the die-hard heavy fans but also have the fans that they’re favourite, and only heavy band is Sylar – they [fans] come to shows and discover more metal bands. They’re that segway band and I think that’s really cool. They’re so different to us, I love doing tours that are so diverse, and not the same show repeated over and over – they have their own their and we have our own thing, it’s like a polar opposite kind of tour, you’ll get a full spectrum of all types of heavy music and all types of sing-alongs, jumping parts, moshing parts, I think everyone’s going to have an awesome time.






Monday, 20th November: The Triffid, Brisbane Lic AA
with Justice For The Damned & As Paradise Falls


Wednesday, 22nd November: The Cambridge Hotel, Newcastle 18+

with Justice For The Damned & Below Oceans 

Thursday, 23rd November: The Factory Theatre, Sydney Lic AA 
with Justice For The Damned & Oh Villian 

Friday, 24th November: Max Watts, Melbourne 18+

with Justice For The Damned, Earth Caller & Arkive


Saturday, 25th November: Uni Bar, Adelaide Lic AA 
with Justice For The Damned & Falcifer 

Sunday, 26th November: Amplifier Bar, Perth 18+ ***

with Make Way For Man & Entropy


*** Justice For The Damned not appearing.





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