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**INTERVIEW** Waiting For Morning To Come with Being As An Ocean's Joel Quartuccio

November 14, 2017


Straight off the bat, Joel Quartuccio comes across as a man with a love of life. Complete with a bushy beard, complimented by his chilled demeanor, coupled with an infectious laugh and an appreciation of good humour. All of them counter the idea that he is the larynx-ripping monster of a lyricist and screamer that fronts melodic-hardcore giants Being As An Ocean. I was blessed enough to grab a few minutes of his time to talk about coming to Australia for their upcoming tour and their newest album Waiting For Morning To Come.

Regarding their appearance at the upcoming UNIFY festival, Joel was keen for a solid show down under. “Oh we’re super excited about it, we’ve heard a lot about it and we’re stoked to see it in person.” But despite this opportunity to play a huge gig to plenty of us Aussies, there’s nothing quite like a club show that makes our man feel like home.
“There’s a lot of things for me. We talk about this a lot and at a live show we really love the sound pressure at a club show, it moves you. It gets sort of lost at an open air show.  Also I really love light shows, and that’s hard to accomplish outside. I swear, the smell of sour beer and sweat just gets my heart racing, I love it!”


Their upcoming shows have them placed as the opening act for Stick To Your Guns coming off the UNIFY festival for a round of clubs around Australia. This isn’t the first time they’ve toured with STYG, and these two groups are no strangers to each other either. Their history together looks like an Aussie favourite. Joel recounted for me their meeting and circumstances leading to their bond. “The first time we toured with STYG was a European tour with Deez Nuts and Trash Talk. The whole tour was so much fun. After that we then had gigs with in Australia with them and Architects, and then we did Vans Warped Tour with them after that. I love those guys and they’re always a blast to tour with.”


'Black & Blue'



Being As An Ocean released their fourth album Waiting For Morning To Come to excellent reviews worldwide. But what grabbed me was the name and the cover art for it. Joel was more than happy to flesh out the finer details regarding the inspiration. The main idea was constructed from Tyler Ross, the lead guitarist and principal songwriter for BAAO. But from influences in their livelihood as musicians, this may be where the name started to form. “We always love late night drives in the US when we get to drive ourselves. And there’s always a point of time in the time of the night where everyone kind of just loses their mind, we all go stir crazy and go sleep crazy. It always comes around 2:30, 3 am y’know? Because the high from the show finally dies down. And those early morning hours just driving, for us it’s something we really cherish. That’s a huge influencer on Tyler trying to find a light for this album.”


The album I found to be leaning more towards BAAO’s post-rock influences and even more so on their emphasis on melodic content. Their intensity overall as a hardcore band from California still surges through the speakers relentlessly. But this was more an exercise for the band to release themselves from expectations.
“We just wanted to unchain ourselves. We didn’t have any set goals to accomplish. We just wanted the music to come the any way it could, without putting constraints on ourselves, to just do what feels best and what comes.”

There is however a very small battle that comes along with BAAO, and that is trying to find a drummer. Their most recent drummer was Jesse Shelley who has left for his own dream gig.
“We love Jesse so much, he left us right after the album was recorded. He got his dream job and we couldn’t let him miss out. So we gave him a cheerful goodbye.”


Their newest team player for the drum throne is Anthony Ghazel, a man who is described by Joel as “the energizer bunny and always positive, always laughing, always smiling.” Anthony is sure to take the upcoming shows in Australia by storm, as their first performance with him was under a significant handicap, throwing him into the gauntlet. “Get this, the first time he ever played with us was one of our biggest shows of all time, 10’000 people in Germany was without ever practicing with us as a whole band. He only practiced at home with some earbuds and click and stuff. We looked at each other after the show and it was holy-shit-worthy.”

A slight giggle erupts from him as he recalls this incredible feat, as he continues.

“I’m not gonna say it was perfect? Haha! But it was a-mazing! We just told him about Australia this month, he’s pumped! And he’s ready to take in everything Australia has to offer.”


You can catch Joel with Being As An Ocean in Australian shores in the middle of January, at UNIFY Featival, and opening for Stick To Your Guns, and maybe sinking a cheeky beer with a very big fan of his from Rogue Inc.





Saturday, 13th January: Unify Gathering, Tarwin Lower 18+ *SOLD OUT*

Monday, 15th January: Corner Hotel, Melbourne 18+

Tuesday, 16th January: Factory Theatre, Sydney Lic AA

Wednesday, 17th January: Triffid, Brisbane Lic AA

Thursday, 18th January: Fowlers Live, Adelaide Lic AA

Friday, 19th January: Amplifier Bar, Perth 18+






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