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Brisbane’s Sometime Sonny tugs firmly on your heartstrings with nostalgic VCR music video for “Wasted On Me”

November 13, 2017




“I didn't expect to have my heart ripped out today… but you can't always be prepared for every outcome, can you?” (Dom Alessio, Triple J)



Combining raw, honest lyricism with stunning alt-rock arrangements, Brisbane multi-instrumentalist Sometime Sonny has arrived to tug firmly at your heartstrings with his melancholic anthem “Wasted On Me”.


Produced to conclude the release of his stellar self-titled debut EP, the music video for “Wasted On Me” hauntingly juxtaposes the delicate arrangement with VCR-grain footage of a house party. It’s a pairing that will give any viewer goosebumps.


Sounds Like: Sticky Fingers, Dope Lemon, Tobias Jesso Jr.


Sometime Sonny says he wanted to explore how visuals could enhance the emotional impact on the listener through his debut single’s music video.


“I wanted to take people back to those fantastic house parties everyone use to attend when they were younger, but with a twist where, although you are at this great party, there is still that element of sadness from the lyrics repeating ‘stay away, your love is wasted on me’.


“The low-fi film quality is to strike a nostalgic chord by relating the clip to childhood family videos,” says Sometime Sonny.



In early 2016, after years of playing in bands and learning from acclaimed local indie musos, Brisbane-based artist Dave Campbell set about writing music for a solo project which would eventually become ‘Sometime Sonny’. Influenced by a collection of artists including Sticky Fingers, The Strokes, Tobias Jesso Jr, and DMA’s, Campbell quickly wrote enough material for his self-titled debut EP.


Enlisting the help of mentor-turned-friend Hugh Middleton (Mid Ayr), Campbell artfully recorded the 4-track EP, somewhat illegally, in a Brisbane concert hall during the early hours of the morning. Campbell then passed the tracks to fellow Brisbane muso Alex L'Estrange to mix in his DIY home studio, dubbed the 'Luv Basement Studio'.


Finally, the EP was polished and mastered by Melbourne-based engineer Matthew Redlich (Emma Louise, Ball Park Music, Holy Holy, Hungry Kids of Hungary), and released to the world in July 2017.


Campbell says the EP recounts the tantalising tales of a 'commitaphobe' living in Brisbane's eastern suburbs, spearheaded by the seducingly melancholic single “Wasted On Me”.



Fast facts about “Wasted On Me” and Sometime Sonny’s debut self-titled EP


  • “Wasted On Me” was lifted by Triple J within 24 hours of being quietly uploaded to Unearthed, and spun on ‘Home and Hosed’ before Campbell even had a chance to share it with the blogosphere


  • Each track on the EP was artfully recorded in a concert hall during the middle of the night by fellow Brisbane musician Hugh Middleton (Mid Ayr)


  • Acclaimed Brisbane indie artist Alex L'Estrange mixed the EP in his basement, dubbed the 'Luv Basement Studio'


  • The music video for “Wasted On Me” was filmed and edited by Campbell, shot on a friend’s vintage VCR tape recorder in his South Brisbane share house


  • The shaker sound in “Wasted On Me” is actually sugar in a Tupperware container



Campbell says his recent studio time and upcoming new releases were produced under the influence of red wine, “so, my new songs taste very much like Pinot”.


While the lyrical subject matter of the debut EP is as raw and dark as it is easily-relatable at times, Campbell uses Sometime Sonny as an emotional outlet just as much as a creative one.


“I use songwriting as a bit of personal therapy. Sometimes my mates hear my darker songs and ask me if I’m okay - I reply with, ‘I don’t think I would be if I hadn’t wrote this song, but now I’m happy as Larry!’


“It helps me sort out my head, and I get to work with my friends in the process,” says Campbell.


Over the next couple of months Campbell will continue to release new music, before hittin’ the road for his debut Sometime Sonny live shows. 


Sometime Sonny is available for phone and email interviews - please contact Pompadour PR to request an interview session or alternative content.



Media Praise for Sometime Sonny:


“Punches home in a big way” (Tommy Faith, Triple J)


I didn't expect to have my heart ripped out today… but you can't always be prepared for every outcome, can you?” (Dom Alessio, Triple J)


“Undeniably, we can all relate to the heartbreak in Campbell’s lyrics. But, the one characteristic about Sometime Sonny that captivates us enough to keep listening is the overwhelmingly beautiful composition.” (Happy Mag)


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