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**INTERVIEW** In The Comfort Zone With Motionless In White's Chris Cerulli

September 14, 2017


"I ask that of our agent regularly," laughed Chris Cerulli, vocalist for Motionless In White when pressed on why they are only now bringing their headline performance to our shores.


"We tried to do one after our album came out in 2014 and it just didn't happen. We said then 2015 we have to make it happen because we were doing an album the following year and it ended up where Amity Affliction and A Day to Remember made us an offer we couldn't refuse and we really wanted to come. It is sadly very expensive for a U.S band to get over there so we took the offer from Amity because we knew that was a great opportunity and we took that instead. We knew that the next time Australia came up it had to be a headliner or nothing at all so I agree, it's taken way too long. Maybe it happened for a reason and we should have just waited for this album to come out so maybe now is the perfect time and the anticipation has hit its peak and the shows will be insane. I hope so at least (laughs)."

With the release of the band's fourth studio album, Graveyard Shift, earlier this year, Cerulli admits it is in no small part due to the positive reception from fans around the world that Motionless In White have the confidence to go out on their own.

"I don't exactly chase down negative comments and I'm sure there's been a bunch," Cerulli smiled. "I think for the most part from our existing fans I haven't seen anything too much negative. A lot of the fans on twitter and Instagram seem to be into the album so that's been positive and makes me think this is the right time to come to Australia and do more headlines across the world. That kind of feedback has made us feel a little more confident in wanting to expand and take a headlining show to other places and knowing the fans will show up and wanna be a part of it."


'Eternally Yours'


When Motionless In White first formed in 2005, Cerulli says the band made a conscious decision early on to play to their strengths rather than attempt to fit into the growing metalcore scene and backed their own personal ability to give them a voice.

"We've always been very adamant about trying to do as much as we can with what we have," he mused. "If it's regarding our live show we wanna be a band where we're putting on... our budget for shows in America is bigger than what we can do in foreign markets but we've always been a band who wants to spend every bit of money that we do have at the expense of making money per band member. We wanna bring the arena show to the clubs. We wanna do as much as we can to give fans a show and something memorable to walk away from. With the music we've always wanted to create something where we felt when people hear it they know that it's Motionless In White and I think that we've done - at least with the last couple of albums - a lot better job at doing that and accomplishing that goal and just creating a cult fan base which I also think we've accomplished. Our vision, that's what it was in the beginning, and it is still very much that today and I think that it's just growing and we're getting to do these things that we wanted to do since the beginning and we are very fortunate to have that."

After twelve years and four albums, Cerulli concedes that while Motionless In White have found their core sound the band as a whole is still growing musically with each release.

"I think we're always going to be," he stressed, "because we've definitely found our thing over the years of experimentation but I think that it's gonna continue to still expand - maybe not at as much of a rate as it has in the past - but I don't think we're comfortable sitting on complacency. I dunno... I don't ever wanna feel like 'yeah, this is it, I'm fine sitting here and creating the same album a bunch of times'. I want to evolve and see what's next for the band and see what we can do creatively to help do what I mentioned and that is try new things and try to expand our sound beyond what people are used to hearing."

That growth over the four albums might seem slight to fans, but Cerulli says the results are there to see for the members of the band.

"We've become a little bit more... I dunno... I guess it's a simple and complicated answer," he stammered. "I always used to reference Warped tour versus Ozzfest. I think that our band has become a little less Warped tour and more Ozzfest but that's a very easy way to compare the changes. I like that (laughs). I think the more complicated answer is we have grown up - maybe it's not even a complicated answer (laughs) - I think we've grown up a lot; our tastes have changed for the band itself, we just feel more comfortable now in doing the things that we've wanted to do all along and don't feel the pressure of the label or a certain member of the band being against something. We're all on the same page now rather than there being a lot of different opinions and a lot of different thoughts and everyone just agrees with where we're going. There were a lot of complications earlier on that made things sound the way they were or be the way they were and we're just a lot more comfortable now."

In a bonus for fans, Cerulli reveals that the wait for a new album might not be that far away, despite their latest dropping in May of this year.

"We had leftover things from the last album that didn't make it on that we really believed in," he teased, "but we didn't have time to really approach them. We've started working on those ideas a little bit to see where they go. Even though they didn't get used we had started bits here and there so I think after our little holiday break we're gonna hit it again and try to work on things more earlier rather than wait until we are closer to going to the studio for the next album so it won't be as long of a wait, that's for sure."

Kris Peters


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