** ALBUM REVIEW ** As Paradise Falls - Digital Ritual

You want something heavy?
You want to feel the proper filthiness of Australian Hardcore and Metal?

 Let me introduce you to Brisbane’s finest; As Paradise Falls.


Taking that hardcore ethos with the dirtiest metal riffs and throwing in some of their twisted carnage, you get my personal favourite record to mosh out to this winter.


The musical artistry fuses in some typical genre staples that are aligned with deathcore; detuned guitars, power chord riffing, heavy use of open string djents, complex guitar lines and enough double kicks to make your head explode with some more cleaner touches. This is one of those heavy records that I’ve been hunting for, something that encompasses the core genre’s intensity, but decides to add in a breath of fresh air.

Or, fresh entrails? I don’t know what old death metal’s about.


I’d like to approach the true power of this record though, the vocals. Shaun Coar’s versatility nearly singlehandedly made this record appealing to me. I’m not a massive fan of deathcore. I find my personal appetite leads much more to less heavy music, yes you snobs on heavy music forums out there, I’m a massive wimp. But the fact that this man’s fry vocal highs can switch to a low growl of thunder and still sing clean and clear absolutely attracts me like maggots to a carcass.

The man has some serious shit going on. Check out Reborn and Hysteria and you’ll be in awe. Guaran-fucking-teed.


'The Ultimate Consumer'


The remainder of the record, production wise and instrumentally is superb. Whoever mixed this record is someone who deserves a free beer from all the punters at their shows. My God, I don’t think I’ve enjoyed another recording as much as this one, the low end doesn’t punch to low so that your innards are reduced to something resembling a Guzman y Gomez adventure gone wrong.

It sits perfectly in that bridge between heaven and hell. Angels recognize that it’s too pure for them, and the demons can’t handle what it brings to the party.


The rest of the band mates clearly know how to pull together some incredible riffs and breakdowns, but I’ve found that their choruses are by fair their shining golden ticket. By expanding what can encompass a genre, As Paradise Falls have given us something we never wanted, but have always needed.

A heavy record that isn’t about nonsensical bullshit tendencies.

Boys, you’ve done your brother proud. For those of you reading this, catch these guys live at a venue near you and go help these beautiful gentlemen obtain the fame they clearly deserve.


Rest in Peace Glen Barrie. Now while you watch over your family and friends, I thank you for your gifts to us.

God Fuckin’ Bless Music.


Rogue Rating : 5/5 Horns


Grab your copy HERE


Catch AS PARADISE FALLS starting THIS WEEKEND at the below venues!


Saturday August 19 - Brisbane
Crowbar - 18+
With Special Guests
Down Royale, Zeolite, Caetera & Setmeonfire

Friday September 1 - Adelaide
Enigma Bar - 18+

With Special Guests
Valhalla, Beyond These Waters and Temple Of Athena

Saturday September 2 - Melbourne
BANG! - 18+

With Special Guests
Mirrors ,Trash Boat (UK) and Between Me & You

Saturday September 9 - Sydney
The Bald Faced Stag - 18+

With Special Guests
Oh/Villain, Isotopes, Setmeonfire and Above, Below





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