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** EP REVIEW ** Daybreak - Death Dreams


Death Dreams EP (2017)


There are some moments when you just feel like Metallica isn’t heavy enough. Heavy music seems to have been on a roll towards getting more and more brutal as time goes on.


Daybreak’s Death Dreams EP is perfect presentation of what I mean.

The instrumentation echo’s some of that Deathcore mentality of going as low as you can. The tonality of the guitars, the massive low end thunder of kick drum and bass and some of the nastiest guttural vocals all smashed together shows that Daybreak truly are a force when it comes to making some heavy noise.


The opening track of “Lost Sentience” brings forth a bloodthirsty movement from the first chord. Smashing your way, releasing the beast, total sonic annihilation. They kick the EP off doing what they do best:

An all-out mosh-fest.


The guitars follow the rolling open string chugs, the djent tones crunching away, with some devil’s triads thrown in for good measure and some harmonics to showcase the brutality.


'Death Dreams'

The drummer was my personal favourite on this release. His groove was solid, and I found there wasn’t too much double-kicking from kick drums, enough to keep it consistent, but no real reliance on it. All the hits and fills were tastefully done. My personal congratulations go out to you Mr Warren, well done.


Vocally, Shaun Cox literally screams like bloody murder. False chord, tunnel throat, stinging highs that could make you think he was tearing out his larynx. He can’t do anything that isn’t pure distorted filth. A grand fit into this sound, His scream calls out to the abyss and makes the kraken his bitch.


Brutality was never a question concerning what the band couldn’t deliver, Daybreak’s hit every shade of grey in that area on this EP alone. But, by itself it only caters to those who strive for something more.

Listening to this from front to back, it felt like all the tracks could’ve just been one song, a consistent moshpit of broken bones and screaming faces. I love a good slam just as much as the next metalhead, but I do crave some advancement in the genre.


You can go through each of these tunes and find something else to jam with, but to my ears it comes across as the same as the last track, skipping on or backtracking made no difference. While the Daybreak are not doing anything repetitive on purpose, it is difficult to stay within the style they are shooting for and break out of the box at the same time.

This is a solid release regardless and a fine addition to a growing catalogue, but it isn’t anything new. If you’re looking for something that will breathe fresh air for the next year, keep on hunting. But, if a solid throwdown is what you’re looking for, Welcome home.

Rogue Rating : 3/5 Horns





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