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Brisbane’s Hey Baby! deliver the goods in boisterous debut single “1-800 WEED"

July 3, 2017


Born from the bedroom demos of a Blue Mountains teenager, Brisbane ‘dirty indie-rock’ quartet Hey Baby! are adding their overdriven riffs and catchy melodies to the ‘legalise marijuana’ movement with their boisterous debut single “1-800 WEED”.


Channeling early ‘Strokes and raucous Canadians PUP, Hey Baby! waste no time “getting down” in their debut offering - launching straight into an indie-rock soup of crashing cymbals and dirty guitars. The verses see Sam Wilson’s fuzzed-up riffs embellish frontman Kacper Majchrowski’s rough melodies, as he reminisces about his relationship with one of the world’s (unofficial) favourite herbs.


While the anthemic chorus is all fun and games, the song’s breakdown showcases the young band’s ability to craft an engaging rock soundscape through an irresistible riff and a tempo and rhythm that seemingly bursts under its own energy.


Sounds Like: Dune Rats, The Strokes, Skegss, FIDLAR, PUP


The release of their debut single comes after months of gigging around Brisbane, impressing many with their refreshing take on fast-paced garage rock thanks to their pop sensibilities and chaotic live shows.

The single was recorded and mixed by local legend Konstantin Kersting (The Belligerents, The Jungle Giants, Tia Gostelow), and mastered at 301 Studios in Sydney by one of the nation’s most respected engineers, Steve Smart (Midnight Oil, Empire of the Sun, Vance Joy, British India).


“Working with the likes of Konstantin and Steve was incredible – we wanted the track to sound as authentic as possible, so we recorded everything live except for some of the lead guitar and vocals. It sounds chaotic, loud, and full of energy – just the way we like it!” says the band.


Lyrically, their rollicking debut single is nonchalant commentary on the legality of marijuana in most countries and a tongue-in-cheek ode to their recreational drug of choice. Kacper says the song alludes to the idea that the drug’s prevalence in modern society should see it legalised, for a variety of reasons.


“There’s heaps of scientific research pointing out its benefits, and thankfully the stigma surrounding weed is slowing being tossed aside. A popular view was something to do with ‘weed rage’, which came about in the early years of prohibition - the fact is, you’re more likely to be amazed by one of David Attenborough's documentaries than be a risk to society!” says Kacper.


Kacper also says the idea of just dialing ‘1-800-W-E-E-D’ for a delivery isn’t such a far off dream. “I met someone in San Diego when I was travelling around America who showed me an app that was kind of like an Uber for pot deliveries, the future is here!”




Fun facts about Hey Baby’s debut single “1-800 WEED”

● The single is a tongue-in-cheek call for the legalisation of marijuana in Australia, due to its many medicinal benefits

● Frontman Kacper Majchrowski’s lyrics were inspired by his experience of an Uber-esque delivery service he was introduced to while travelling through San Diego

● The single was recorded and mixed by Konstantin Kersting (The Belligerents, The Jungle Giants), and mastered at 301 Studios by Steve Smart (Midnight Oil, Empire of the Sun, Vance Joy)



Hey Baby! began seven years ago when, then 16-year-old, Kacper first learnt how to record his musings on a computer, using a simple drum machine and running guitars and basses through a preamp.

When the frontman made the move from Sydney up to Brisbane, Kacper met drummer Jaeger Brodie while jamming at a house party. Sharing a similar taste in music, the pair put a call out on the Internet for another guitarist, and Sam Wilson answered by impressed them her lightning fretwork. Jaeger then enlisted Daniel Chlonta, the bassist of his other band ‘The Jumpkicks’, and the quartet launched straight into writing energetic tunes – described by the band as “dirty indie-rock”.


In August Hey Baby! will celebrate the release of “1-800 WEED” with shows in Melbourne, Sydney, and Brisbane, before returning to the studio to record their debut EP.




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