June 30, 2017


Melbourne Deathcore outfit Gravemind are today unveiling that they are the ones behind mystery website, which has been the source of a mystery that many media outlets have been trying to solve for the past 10 days - The Music, killyourstereo, Rogue Inc, AAA Backstage, Reddit, Tomatrax, Deathcore Memes and more have all been searching the site from top to bottom for clues, with varying degrees of success.

In actual fact, Gravemind have been hiding this information in plain sight for much longer, having hinted at The Deathgate since September 2016, hiding the deathgate in promo pictures, binary code in show posters and more.

Since the mystery of was uncovered, thousands of people have viewed the site in 10 days and bands such as Alpha Wolf, I Shall Devour, Blind Oracle and To The Grave all shared the mystery on their social media channels.

Gravemind are today returning to the spotlight, to prove that they’re here to push boundaries and crush expectations with their surprise sophomore EP ‘The Deathgate’. The EP will be released on Friday August 11, with first single Anaesthesia out today Friday June 30 (Pre-Orders here). Watch the epic Sci-Fi video for the first single below. 



Vocalist Dylan Gillies-Parsons states, ‘This EP is about the suffering we endure, simply existing.  It is an unburdening of mainstream ideals, of destructive ideologies, the insane framework that we've created in order to feel normal.’

Maturing from previous conceptual releases, the Deathgate certainly pushes the envelope of what a band can do as an independent extreme metal act. If the mysterious website (, laden with clues wasn’t already enough to garner interest, then perhaps the new sound, coupling technical riffage, crushing breakdowns and a diverse track list will do just that.

‘We wanted to do something really unexpected of a relatively new band, by creating a lot of hype behind a mysterious website, with a simple countdown and quote (the deathgate draws near). We hid clues to it being us in a multitude of ways, there were a total of 3 clues hidden within an audio track on the website, including an audio log, Morse code and a link to one of our tracks hidden within the audio wave. We want our audience to really pay attention to what we’re trying to say. We want them to know that we stress over every tiny detail of our music, so that they can fully invest into it knowing we put meaning behind everything.’

Gravemind have played mind-blowing shows in Australia with bands such as Architects, House Vs Hurricane, I Killed the Prom Queen, King Parrot, Hollow World, Iconoclast, A Night in Texas and Justice for the Damned. In 2015, they released their EP 'The Hateful One' - which featured guest vocals on tracks from both CJ McMahon (Thy Art is Murder) and Mark Poida (Aversions Crown). 

Gravemind's EP 'The Deathgate' will be released on Friday August 11. Single 'Anaesthesia' is available now in iTunes and Spotify and all online retailers. For more information go to






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