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** INTERVIEW ** Salacious - Raging Against The Machine with Proctor


"Cairns has become fickle when it comes to supporting local, original music," bemoaned Proctor, vocalist for Cairns band Salacious.


“I can't speak for other towns, but Cairns used to be one of the driving forces in Far North Queensland when it came to original music. Unfortunately there has been a marked decline over the last decade. Cairns has an abundance of local talent, but almost all professional musicians leave because of a lack of support. Granted, there is a multitude of factors that force these musicians to move, but I would place the majority of blame on state and local governments. It's not just that they do not provide funding or opportunities, they're actively working against us. The local Cairns council, for example, puts regular big named gigs on that local bands, venues and promoters cannot compete with, which in effect, undermines the scene. This, combined with tough, expensive and onerous regulations make it extremely difficult to remain in Cairns. But as we are stuck in Cairns with job and family commitments we must do the best we can with the little we get. We came to the conclusion that we must be a band that lives in Cairns but tours everywhere else: hence the resurrection of 'From Apples to Androids' which sees us play from Cairns to Lismore and everywhere in between.”


Salacious are in a good position to judge just how bad the music scene has fallen in FNQ, having been around since 2012 and being active in putting on local festivals such as ‘Hellbound’, ‘Terrorfest’ and ‘Hey Day Festival’ and trying to reignite a once prosperous music scene. Through playing support for large touring bands, including Parkway Drive, The Amity Affliction, Northlane and Twelve Foot Ninja. Proctor says he saw the success these bands had with massive touring and decided it was time to get on the road.


"We did ‘From Apples to Androids’ first in 2012 and it never really went anywhere." Proctor recalled. "It cost us a shitload the first time around, but this time the planets are in alignment as we have all our own sound equipment, trailer, van and funding. We are a little concerned about getting numbers as we need at least 47 peeps per gig, but with our work ethic and the bands that we've got and the support we've been getting we are quietly confident. Getting all the venues was a bit difficult, but we have found some really cool places and people and publicans that really want to help local bands - ‘BTM Management’ and ‘Damage Control Festival’ being among of those. The bands we have are great too. The support from them in each town has been overwhelming and just goes to prove that there are still bands out there hungry for gigs that local governments should help out."


“We're also dropping our second E.P ‘Transfixed’," he continued, "and our co-headliners ‘Forest’ are releasing their debut album ‘Astronauts Anonymous’ at the same time and because we share band members it was a lot easier for us all to get together and really get this thing going.”


Such is their confidence and eagerness to spread their music, Salacious have elected to perform four shows in and around Brisbane, despite advice to the contrary.


"We were a little anxious putting on that many shows in Brisbane," Proctor admitted. "We were told, and rightfully so, that we risk losing more if we put so many gigs on at once, but coming from a population as small as Cairns we just thought fuck it, and decided to carpet bomb Brisbane with bulk gigs. We are yet to build a strong fan base down South so we are just going to run a blitzkrieg campaign to drum up a fan base. I mean, that's how you get fans; force people through the door and show them a good time and hopefully they come back for more."


Although Salacious have put out recordings in their five year career, ‘Transfixed’ is the first one that the band feels comfortable calling a proper release. Not because they have been unhappy with their output in the past, but more because they feel that this one is an E.P that everything preceding it has built towards.


"It's been a while since we have put anything out," Proctor expressed. "The last one was - I call it a demo - it was a little rough. We recorded and mixed it with a local friend Dave McDonough and he did a remarkable job with what he was given, but that was very early in our career and we just feel more confident with our newer material and recordings. So in effect, this is what I would call our first real release that we are all super keen for. It's sounding awesome. 'Quiet Please Records’ is doing it, which is Pete Bullis (Salacious guitar/vocals/keys) and Sam Jansen (Forest vocalist/guitarist) record company - so we're doing it all in-house, so it won't be super polished but we are happy with how it sounds and what we've put into it. The title ‘Transfixed’ is a metaphor for what we've been going through as a band and as individuals and how we are narrow sighted on what it is we want even if it is to our detriment. The last couple of years we've been transfixed on this goal of just trying to have a functional band and to –metaphorically- get our feet on the stirrups so we can finally fart out something we love and cherish. Being in a band can be so fuckin nightmarish at times. For example, we had two members leave on amicable terms last year which really threw the band into limbo for some time. But we have found new members Royce and Kyle, and they are great new additions.”


“We made the conscious decision with 'Transfixed’ to include both older songs for our OG crew and newer ones to mix it up,” Proctor remarked. “It's a bit of a Whitlam Sampler of metal, that's kind of what we do. We like to challenge ourselves and keep things interesting so there's a whole bunch of styles and genres on ‘Transfixed” for all you head thrashers."


Kris Peters


Come one, come all to the second instalment of 'FROM APPLES TO ANDROIDS'. The festival's ethos is, 'if it is live, original and underappreciated, we will support it'. 'FATA' spans from indie to death metal and everything in between. So, break out your freak flags and come have some fun with a kaleidoscope of artists including Salacious, Forest, Meridian Theory, Chapters of Entropy, Trinatyde plus many, many more.


0/6 Rockhampton - Flamingos
1/7 Mackay - Langfords Hotel
2/7 Bowen - The Merinda Hotel
3/7 Townsville - Ross Island Hotel

7/8 Tully – Hotel Tully
8/7 Cairns - The German Club
14/7 Noosa - The V Room
15/7 Brisbane CBD - New Globe Theatre 'Damage Control'Festival
16/7 Brisbane - The Back Room

19/7 Fortitude Valley – The Foundry
20/7 Ipswich - Coronation Hotel
21/7 Gold Coast - Kirra Sports Club
22/7 Lismore - The Tatts Hotel



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