** ALBUM REVIEW ** Lily & King - Bless This Life

Lily & King Bless This Life Album Review

By Claire Antagonym


You know the drunk girl at the party, the one stumbling and bellowing ‘this song is about me! MEEEE!’

Well I am the drunk girl and the songs are by Lily and King.



Their last album Medication was a soul twitching anthem of gypsy wanderings, confusing sex, nihilist hangovers, chasing freedom and epiphanies in the bath. So I was pretty chuffed to be sitting down to review their next offering Bless This Life. They didn’t disappoint.


The album ricochets between evangelist honky tonk swamp rhythms, swirling gypsy melodies, lilting siren songs played out on a fiddle and deeply sensual vintage jazz tones. (Charles Mingus anyone?)


The childlike spontaneity in the tinkly sound of the toy keyboard that underplays many of the tracks is just as pleasurable as being a little bit drunk at the circus.


This reckless beauty. The eerie melancholy of tarted-up underage pageant queens; of painted ladies in Geisha Girl. The lilting siren song of the violin bit in One Man Show.


Brett Whiteley’s Woman, which I won’t give away too much re-iterating the lyrics (it’s actually kind of exactly what it sounds), but is worth buying this album just to hear the frenetic retelling of that particular story.


The smoky, smouldering slowness of Pocketknife. Which may be the sexiest fucking song I have ever heard. Probably the sexiest fucking song I have ever heard also.


This album, this dizzying, life-affirming ferris wheel and cabaret. Then after when your feathers are damp in the rain as the drugs wear off and you walk home alone while the lamps glow dimly in the mist.


I shot this video sitting on a torn carpet floor of a seaside RSL balancing the camera and a bottle of whiskey while choking on my comrade’s spirulina-laced seed mix (don’t ask, apparently it’s good for you). Almost a year has gone by and it is still so fucking magical. So much so that I taught myself to Youtube. Thank you Lily and King for transporting me again and again to another world, a dirty, dizzying landscape that is somehow strangely familiar.


 Bless this life/This lovely work of art.






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