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** MOVIE REVIEW ** John Wick : Chapter 2



Presenting the sequel to a movie about a man going on a killing spree over a stolen car and a dead dog.

John Wick: Chapter 2

A story about a man who's going on a killing spree because he doesn't want to kill anymore.



Despite the odd premise John Wick managed to balance the chemistry of a reluctant killer with a dash of charm and integrity to make a great film. But, like most Hollywood gold mines, they couldn't just leave it alone. Chapter 2, is based solely on the philosophy of more is more.


I’ll be honest this is the kind of movie where you check your brain at the door. It's overall concern isn't with story rather how many different ways they can blow a guys brains out. The plot has a tendency to get lost in itself and you find yourself wishing for the simple motivation of the first movie.


That being said the script was at times witty and self-aware which made for moments of levity amongst the continuous blood bath.

Keanu Reeves was an absolute stand out. His ability to be both intense and charming simultaneously made for a likable character; resulting in him pretty much carrying the movie. Along with the stunning cinematography and locations, including an oddly placed mirror maze, the movies visuals create somewhat of a spectacle themselves.


The fight choreography in the beginning was so clunky it was jarring, however seemed to warm up as the movie progressed; as did the amount of blood and gore. Actress Ruby Rose had a few stand out fight moments towards the climax, but overall was a largely underdeveloped character as were 99% of the cast.


All in all, If you're squeamish in any way, this movie is definitely not for you. However if you don't think to hard you could have a fun time and it's worth going to see in theatres if only for the visuals.


P.s They definitely set it up to be a trilogy.


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