** INTERVIEW ** Royal Thunder – A Bleary-eyed Josh Weaver

May 18, 2017

Josh Weaver is decidedly quiet, distracted and seemingly disinterested in discussing Royal Thunder’s new album Wick. It’s likely that the guitarist and founder of the genre-bending Atlanta quartet is tired; tired from the group’s extensive North America tour and all the promotion and hard work that’s gone in to their delightfully creepy release. If you’ve heard Wick, you’ll be as understanding about Weaver’s vagueness as I – if you haven’t heard it yet, you should.



So you’re touring North America at the moment?


We’re close to the end of the tour, yeah.


And this in support of new album Wick?

Hell yeah.

Lead single ‘April Showers’, what a sensational song – and a fantastic video too – what’s the inspiration for the video?


Well, that’s pretty much what Mlny [bassist and vocalist Mlny Parsonz] came up with, and one of the directors we worked with, they came up with that.


And you collaborated with Kerrang! magazine [in the U.K.] for the song’s premiere, I mean, what an opportunity, they’re legends in music media. What do you feel they were able to bring to help you guys out?


It’s just a great outlet, a lot of people were able to see it so I’m really happy about that.


So, is there any kind of specific theme or direction you had in mind when you set out to write Wick?


Um, no not necessarily, it actually just came about (after album name), after the experiences we had and the touring we did, this is what naturally came out of this.

Josh, when you founded this band did you ever perceive you’d be going in the direction you are today?


I think I always knew that it would be one of those things, always knew I wanted it to be something that naturally evolves. Did I know what it would sound like ten years down the road? Definitely not, but I knew I wanted this band to be whatever came out, to be whatever we felt like playing


‘April Showers’


And to be compared, to be put on the same pedestal as bands like Mastodon and Baroness, how does that sit with you?


I don’t personally hear that but those are great bands, it’s neat to me that somebody might hear that.


What else have you got going on for the rest of the year? Any hopes for getting out to Australia for touring any time soon?


I mean we are definitely wanting to tour as much as possible and that’s definitely the plan I mean we want to get out there as soon as possible, we have a lot of great fans out there, so…


Will you be working on any more material for the rest of the year or are you just touring the Wick chapter for the time being?


Nothing is definite, no set plans, but there will definitely be inspiration coming our way and I’m sure there’s definitely going to be some stuff we’ll work with.


We’re excited to be touring and playing with this album, we hope people get something out of this record when they hear it, relate to the music and the lyrics. It’s really about making new fans and friends for us.



1. Burning Tree 
2. April Showers 
3. Tied 
4. We Slipped 
5. The Sinking Chair 
6. Plans 
7. Anchor 
8. WICK 
9. Push 
10. Turnaround 
11. The Well 
12. We Never Fell Asleep


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