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Joy In Motion release new single + video 'Falling Out' - EP out May 26

May 16, 2017


Falling Out is the title track for the debut EP by fresh new pop/rock act Joy In Motion. “This track drew heavy inspiration from Tom DeLonge’s work on Angels and Airwaves, and stayed fairly true to its initial vision throughout the recording process,” comments Jake Solway. “Combining the ambient soundscapes from his later writing, while also keeping the drums simple and catchy like a Blink-182 song is exactly the vibe we were going for. 

The chorus is probably the most lyrically simplistic thing on this EP, but I felt it captures exactly what we all feel when we're ready to move on. I didn't want to get caught up in writing long winded metaphors when a simple "this is the end" says more than enough. In this case, I didn't want to say it, I wanted to sing it, and I want everybody else to sing it. It summarises all of the stories we’ve tried to tell and drives home the message we wanted to convey with this EP. 

This music video was show once again by Ben Wrigley of Third Eye Visuals, but takes a drastically different direction from “See Your Face”. Having every frame animated was definitely a challenge, but the final product is amazing to behold. We feel as though we have really achieved what we wanted from this film clip, and couldn’t be happier. We hope you enjoy our Flagship release Falling Out!

Pre-Orders for the debut EP release, which drops on Friday May 26th. are now live at their Big Cartel and Bandcamp sites.

The EP 'Falling Out' was produced, mixed and mastered by Declan White, who is located in Melbourne. The band flew him up to Brisbane and he stayed with the band for 3 weeks during the production process, recording out of vocalist Jake's home studio.

For more information, go to facebook.com/joyinmotionband.



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