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** GALLERY & LIVE REVIEW ** Architects // Ocean Grove // Arteries @ Metro Theatre - 9th April 2017

George Street was a beautiful sight last night; a sea of ripped jeans, flannos, and band shirts. We were off to see the wizards, the wonderful wizards of metalcore – Architects.

Sydney five piece Arteries kicked things off with a bang. They were stoked to be opening proceedings, and their enthusiasm shone through. Their second song was “about partying... sorta”, which reflected the crowd perfectly – they were ready to party; sorta. That all changed though when Melbourne lads Ocean Grove hit the stage. It was definitely party time.


I had read mixed reviews about the Grove, and was ready to make my own mind up. Their attire didn't give much away – one member had no shirt on, another a puffy jacket, and one looked like he could be a member of Client Liaison. The crowd broke into a meaty mosh before the first verse was through. Energy levels were soaring both on and off stage. So much so that I was beginning to think some people were there purely for Ocean Grove, and that Architects were just a bonus for them. A variety of sounds made appearances through the set; if 'Tony Hawk's Pro Skater N64 Soundtrack' was a genre, that's what I'd place them in – which is not a bad thing in my books. I predict big things from OG!

 Ocean Grove

Just as we'd caught our breath from the second act, it was time for our headliners to begin. Smoke machines set to overload and a dazzling light display greeted us along with the Brighton boys. Opener 'Nihilist' whipped the pit in to a frothing frenzy, and energy levels went even higher than before.

Headbanging ensued around the pit, two circles opened up, and punter voices were at peak the whole set through. Architects fans sure are passionate ones. Song after song, the band remained polished, powerful and professional, but never came across as over rehearsed. Frontman Sam Carter told us a few times during the night how much they loved playing in Australia. A soft 'shoey' chant emerged from one side of the pit at the mention of our wonderful country, but soon died and was ignored. Straya.

The set ended with personal favourite 'Naysayer', and I honestly didn't think things could get better. I was wrong.


Returning for a two track encore, newish jam 'A Match Made in Heaven' blew the roof off The Metro, and then it was time to get serious.
Carter gave a beautiful speech about late guitarist Tom Searle. I doubt there was anyone in the venue without misty eyes. (I am even welling up as I type.) “This last song is for Tom. All of tonight's songs were for Tom. Every
song we ever fucking play is for Tom.”
To rapturous applause, Architects launched into final track 'Gone With the Wind'.

We then poured out of the venue a sweaty mess; ears ringing, faces beaming, hearts full.
If you haven't seen Architects live, do so the very first chance you get.
Absolute metalcore kings.


Sofia Silvestrini.



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 Ocean Grove




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