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** GALLERY & LIVE REVIEW ** Red Jumpsuit Apparatus // Young Lions @ Manning Bar - 6th May 2017

Friday night at The University of Sydney’s Manning Bar was quite the treat for a lot of fans wanting to relive their teenage days with emo-legends Red Jumpsuit Apparatus playing their first album Don’t You Fake It live and in full to recognize it’s 10 year anniversary.


Brisbane’s Young Lions opened the show and my, did they set the expectation high. Young Lions set was full of energy, full of sweat and full of talent. These young cubs have so much potential to do great things within the music world- singer Zach Britt absolutely aced a cover of Coldplay’s Fix You along with some originals When Will We Be Free, Non- Believer and new single Burn the Money. The whole band seemed so grateful, so appreciative to be where they were on that stage with the crowd swaying and dancing throughout their set. The whole place was in a deep inset trance within the music. It was beautiful.


A restless crowd was settled when the curtains opened and Red Jumpsuit Apparatus strutted on stage ready to transport us back, well really 10.5 years, as the tour got pushed back with singer Ronnie having his little baby Wolfgang in the interim.


Hearing this album that was played so much in my cd player when I was 13, for the cd to scratch and not work anymore in a live setting was a dream come true. The vocals were not as good as I had hoped, as I had imprinted in my back catalogue, but Ronnie still has it nonetheless. The set was filled with emotion which was pouring through the venue with a constant buzz radiating from everyone. Face Down, Damn Regret and Seventeen Ain’t So Sweet were more than highlights, but were just topped by the breathtaking performance of Your Guardian Angel with tears and babbling to get the lyrics out were an occurrence (from not just me I hope).


The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus are one of those bands that I and so many others hold closely to their hearts as the music that got us through a lot in those hard emo-teenage years. All of these 10 year anniversary tours have been a pleasure to attend, but this has been the favourite… so far.




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