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Bad Pony Saddle Up for National Tour Fresh from U.S Run and Canadian Music Week Showcase

May 1, 2017


2017 started in full gear for Sydney lads Bad Pony as they took their illustrious live show to tour the US before a showcase at Canadian Music Week last month. After clocking up thousands upon thousands of kilometres touring Australia in 2016 as well as playing the prestigious Music Matters in Singapore, it’s safe to say that Bad Pony are addicted to life on the road. True to form, just as they touch back down on home soil they’re back on the road for a national tour, with the fun kicking off at Hobart’s Republic Bar on May 6, taking friends Swim Season and Neighbour along for the ride.
Bad Pony’s latest single Deficiency has enough grit, grind and dance to send you into a tumble and it went down a treat with Aussie fans at the Rare Finds birthday bash at Sydney's Oxford Art Factory last week, not to mention being added to over 40 radio stations in the US and a achieving a #7 debut on college radio in Dallas. The boys have stayed true to their form of releasing quality tunes beyond their years with Deficiency seeing the band travel in a new direction. Whilst still incorporating the sound that has seen them become one of Sydney’s premiere acts, the track is an obvious journey of personal and musical growth. 

“Deficiency is about being absorbed by the greedy, selfish nature of Sydney,” explains frontman Jarred Young. “We sat by my piano and arranged the tune from a bunch of voice memos recorded on Jarred’s phone,” adds guitarist and kick-drummer, Sam Thomlinson. “It started out as a bit of a mix and match, but came together in the end. We wrote the bridge in a rehearsal session, in one of our ‘let's just play and see what happens’ moments. I produced the track at home, and recorded the drums with Jarred, then we sent it off to Cron (guitars and vocals) to be mixed and mastered.”

Taken from their forthcoming EP of the same title, Deficiency is a taste of what fans can expect in 2017 from probably the most energetic, dedicated, tour-addicted band in Australia. “It’s going to be our heaviest yet. However, I think there will be some more subtle moments as well,” tells Thomlinson of the new direction. 

What else can you expect to see from Bad Pony in 2017? The band promise new, darker tunes, an EP and a heap of shows. It’s set to be their biggest year yet, so be sure to saddle up and hop on board the Bad Pony train before it takes off!

"Musically, ‘Deficiency’ is a leap forward for the band.”
“Balancing grit with glam, the in-ya-face pop-electro confidence is built from a dominant — yet relatively sparse — grinding, mechanical rhythm, that bumps up against a more reflective side (“I’m sick of running out of time”), resembling a introspective nature that’s a far better fit for vocalist Jarred Young’s soulful tone." - Rolling Stone Australia, March 29, 2017

“It’s admirable that everything the band puts out there is fully DIY – be it the songwriting, production, or music videos that really propel the image of the band forward, and naturally the band conveys a true authenticity in their performances. We highly recommend keeping track of this Sydney band, they’ll be all over the world very soon!“ - Concentus Music (UK), April 24, 2017





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