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** INTERVIEW ** Q&A with the game changers from Tamworth, Hurricane Fall

April 3, 2017


2016 was a MASSIVE year for Hurricane Fall. Have you guys had time to sit back and reflect on all your achievements from the past 12 months?


It was a great year for us. We took a bit of time over the xmas period and sat back and had a look,  it was full on with a debut EP, some touring, a lot of brand new places and brand new faces, a heap of laughs and some awesome shows and experiences.


How has your latest EP “How We Get Down” been received by fans?


The EP has been received with open arms by our fans and new fans alike, we nearly sold out of our hard copies over the Tamworth Country Music Festival alone (over 250+) plus with online downloads shot us into the No. 4 spot on the iTunes country charts. So we were totally blown away and very humbled by the support.


Being Tamworth boys, I can only imagine how it would have felt to play at the Tamworth Country Music Festival. Was it a dream come true to be playing on the same stages as the greatest musicians in the world have done in the past? What was the experience like?


It was certainly an awesome experience to play at the festival. We performed at the opening concert in Toyota Park on the main stage alongside some incredible artists and some of our peers, which was an awesome experience. And being our home town makes us very proud to be a part of it.


The dual vocals of Jesse & Pepper seem to fit like fingers in a glove. Was it the bands intention to run with dual vocals from the outset, or did it happen by chance and you ran with it?


Jesse and Pepper’s vocals came together when we were working in a covers band believe it or not. First time we all played together we knew there was something special, having two vocalists has definitely been unique and has helped us create a unique sound.


"How We Get Down"


“Break You” would be my personal pick off your first EP. What was involved in the writing process for that track? And did the writing process differ for “How We Get Down”?


Thanks! The way we write is all from personal experiences in or lives, whether it’s from being on the road, an ex-girlfriend, a loved one, a bit of everything really. The writing process didn’t differ for “How We Get Down”. We did take a little bit of extra time for production with this EP though, which has helped develop our sound.


Any plans for an album?


Certainly! We are currently writing and have been in and out of our rehearsal space, we want to deliver something unique that we are proud of and also something that hits home for us. We hope to have something finished and ready for release by the end of the year, BUT they are a lot of work so fingers crossed.



You guys have a heap of shows coming up, culminating in the “Rock The Boat” cruise with some of the legends of the music industry.


To say we are beyond excited is an understatement. We’ve been given an awesome opportunity that not a lot of musicians would ever get, and we intend on performing our ass’s off. Maybe even take some time to lay by the pool and relax. Ha !


What can fans expect to see and hear from a typical Hurricane Fall show?


Plenty of energy, plenty of sweat, some original country rock tunes, some of our favourites, and maybe even a shirtless dude here and there.





What is the one song that you wished you had written?

Friends In Low Places.


One thing that reminds you of home/ your childhood is?

The smell of hay.


What is your first memory of music?

Driving along in the back seat of the car, listening to our parents tunes.


You are on death row. What is your last meal?

Protein Bites ! aka Chicken nuggets


If you could share the stage with any artist or band, alive or dead, who would it be?

Garth Brooks – He’s a pioneer of country and someone we idolize and aspire to.


Where do you see Hurricane Fall in 10 years?

Well hopefully touring the world, writing tunes and performing as hard as we do now.




Fans will get to hear Hurricane Fall’s new single ‘How We Get Down’, by heading along to one of their below shows:

Saturday 1 st  April | Coffs Harbour Rodeo, Coffs Harbour - NSW
Friday 28th  April l Albert Hotel, Tamworth - NSW
Friday 5th May | Glasshouse After Dark Black Tie Food festival, Goonoo Goonoo Station, Tamworth  - NSW
Saturday 6 th May|Grapefest 5km – Domaine de Binet, Hunter Valley - NSW
Sunday 7th May | Queens Wharf Brewery, Newcastle  - NSW
Friday 12th May | Albert Hotel, Tamworth – NSW
Saturday 13th May | Wicko Hotel, Islington - NSW
Friday 2 nd  June | Johnny Ringo’s, Brisbane – QLD
Saturday 3 rd  June | Grape Fest 2017 | Gold Coast - QLD
Friday 10 th  August | Mt Isa Rodeo, Mt Isa - QLD
Sunday 12th August  | Central Coast Country Music Festival – Memorial Park, The Entrance NSW
October 16 – 23 rd  | “Rock The Boat” Cruise

Buy EP ‘How We Get Down’ here

www.hurricanefall.com | facebook.com/hurricanefall | instagram.com/hurricane_fall

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