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** GALLERY & REVIEW ** Wednesday 13 Undead Unplugged @ Oxford Art Factory 24th March 2017

I had read that tonight's show was like a giant meet and greet. Mr Motherfucker would be taking questions from the audience, playing acoustic versions of tracks from all of his projects, and telling stories from his 40 years on the planet. An 'around the campfire' evening of sorts. Questions, questions, so many! Will W13 anthem 'I Love to Say Fuck' have a new, sweet feel to it? Is someone gonna light an actual fire in the pit for us to gather 'round? How many stories about Joey Jordison will we get? (actually, I knew the answer to that one – not enough. JJ fangirl right here.)

A predicted sea of black filled Oxford Art Factory; plenty of band shirts, black nail polish and alternate hair styles throughout.

Opening act, Sydney's The Veil appeared in three-piece mode to warm us up. Playing a serious, atmospheric set they provided background noise that made punters even hungrier for some Wednesday action. Half the crowd did seem to dig it though, swaying and clapping when appropriate, but the rest of us were kinda bored. Guys behind me compared the singer's style to that of Chad from Nickelback and later in the set, the Crash Test Dummies. At the end of their half hour, they asked 'do you want one more?' to which a few yelled 'yeah!' while one loud punter screamed 'hell no!'. We copped one anyway.

 The Veil


Our undisputed horrorpunk leader Wednesday 13 and his partner in crime Roman entered the stage armed only with an acoustic guitar each. Dressed in uniform black, but only a little guyliner as opposed to their usual full faces of make up, they took their seats to an uproarious applause from the zomboys and ghoul scouts.

A couple of tracks in, it was evident we were in for a special evening. Because “it's hot in Aus-tray-li-uh”, he requested a human fan help him with his metal fan – then it was game on. Someone asked where the idea for the acoustic show came from. Wednesday told us he writes on acoustics, and one session his cat, Scream, seemed to really dig it. He thought we would too. And we sure did.
Mixed in with other questions and fantastic, stripped back versions of a wide array of tracks, we were treated to tales of pot brownies with Alice Cooper's daughter; disgruntled, back turning, bird flipping Iron Maiden crowds, and earthquakes in Japan. Highlight for me was mentioning Joey Jordison wants to do another Murderdolls album. Wednesday predicts 2019 will be the year. The countdown is on!

 Wednesday 13

Mini covers of Ace of Base and Spice Girls tracks were bonus delights. And his talent shone through – no need for W13 to have all the horrorpunk theatrics to put on one hell of a show.
Cheekiness and wit reached set-peak during joke track 'OJ Did it'. He played it thrice tonight, told us it would get stuck in our heads and encouraged us to tweet him 'fuck you' next week when we were singing it. “...fuckin' OJ did it, he really really did it' is still ringing in my ears now. But man it was funny.
During closer, 'I Love to Say Fuck', it was evident we all loved saying that four letter word. We left with huge smiles on our faces feeling much closer to Wednesday. Bring on the new album!


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Wednesday 13

 The Veil



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