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[GALLERY & REVIEW] Descendents // Nursery Crimes @ Enmore Theatre 24th February 2017

“I don’t know the fucking set list! Fuck it!”


And so Nursery Crimes frontman Phil Rose uttered the words that would set a precedent for the evening – fuck it indeed. Who needs the refinement and organisation of a set list, this is punk, and it was the best rendition of the genre you could hope for.


Though it took a little while for the more reserved members of the crowd to adjust to Nursery Crime’s purposely unhinged performance, as they cracked jokes between songs that you were never sure were fueled by nature or some artificial substance (Rose in particular, adopted a strange sidewards turkey strut across the stage), the band were nevertheless incredibly tight, especially given they’ve not performed as a group in close to a decade – they were perfect warm up for the anarchy to come.


What defines a legend? If you were lucky enough to be a member of the sweaty and excitable crowd when the Descendents rumbled on to the stage, you’ll know that they proved to be the very definition of that word – this show was legendary. The Californians could surely show new dogs some old tricks, ripping through an impressive 38 songs from across their 40-year career in just under 90 minutes with an unexpected energy for a band whose members have a median age of 55.


There’s absolutely no contest, punks invented the mosh pit. Through classics like ‘Silly Girl’, ‘Rotting Out’, ‘Suburban Home’ and ‘Myage’, at least forty metres of audience from the front out to the floor became bodies that ceaselessly  jumped, thumped and bumped against each another, with equal parts delight and aggression. Some audience members became legends themselves as the embarked on some epic crowd surfing that teased the Enmore’s security in a laughable game of cat and mouse – shout out the 40-something dude in the grey buttoned shirt, you looked like you were having the time of your life!


Not content with intense levels of enthusiasm they created, Descendents drew on the energy of each other in a an excellent display of comradery to play not one but two encores, eight additional songs in total, leaving Sydney punks of all ages completely and utterly destroyed.


Legends, indeed.


Anna Wilson



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