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[REVIEW] SEVSONS - 'Ad Infinitum' Album Review

February 26, 2017


The prog scene has been booming in Australia for quite some time now. Having been formed in June 2014, Sydney-based Sevsons are one of the new kids on the block. The first time I heard the band was when they opened up for Caligula's Horse in Sydney late last year and they played well enough to pique my interest in this release and it's the first release of 2017 that I was really looking forward to!


Ad Infinitum is Sevson's debut album, and while I didn't quite know what to expect when I sat down to give it a first listen, it was without a doubt everything that I hoped it would be. If you love prog rock/metal, you will most likely fall in love with this band, as long as you enjoy the vocals that is. I feel that Rhys Weeks' work on this album is an element that you will either love or hate. I was mightily impressed by his live performance, and I think that the vocals fit the music perfectly, but I do think they are an acquired taste.


What I really do admire about this record is that it is relatively straight-forward. I have my metal roots in simpler bands such as Rammstein, Nightwish as well as certain metalcore bands and I find myself really enjoying this type of music when it's driven by a heavy and groovy undertone, rather than the quirkier type of prog that the likes of Dream Theater normally provides.


I mentioned groovy and heavy, and that is exactly what you'll get a massive dose of when listening to Ad Infinitum. Tracks like Nebulous and Ascension are some of the best prog I've heard since discovering Caligula's Horse's Bloom in 2015. There's also a nice change of pace towards the end, thanks to the acoustic track that is Defiance. It is a beautiful 3-minute piece that shows the diversity that this band is capable of. It also shows the range of Weeks' vocal capabilities.


As far as influences goes, I suspect that these guys have listened to TesseracT a fair bit, and there are some brief moments here and there where I could mistake Weeks for Daniel Tompkins. Production-wise you can't really tell that it is a debut album that you're listening to.


Overall I'm very excited to see what Sevsons can bring us in the future. Hopefully it won't take another 3 years before they release their next record, I for one don't want to wait that long! 


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