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[GALLERY & REVIEW] Tiger Army // Fireballs // Pat Capocci

Tonight, I wanted to give myself a challenge.

Put myself out the comfort zone that I have been cocooning in over that past few months.

Tonight's mission was to capture the spirit of a genre that I was not overly familiar with.


For the un-educated (like myself to an extent), Psychobilly fuses the old school Rockabilly & Rock N Roll from the 1950's (think Chuck Berry, Carl Perkins, Bill Haley, Buddy Holly, Jerry Lee Lewis, Elvis Presley etc) with the newer style punk/rock of say The Clash, Sex Pistols, Blondie, Siouxsie & The Banshees and The Deadbeats.

This promised to be an entertaining night to say the least! (And I apologize in advance if I do not do the genre justice!)


First up tonight was Sydney based PAT CAPOCCI, a three piece Rockabilly and Roots band.

From the moment these guys hit the stage, I was absolutely taken aback by their sound.

It's as if I was transported back into a 1950's jive club.

And these guys looked the part too.

Sharp as a tack classic style haircuts and smartly dressed, they wasted no time in getting the early crowd dancing in the isles.

And such a great sound came from an extremely simple set up of the most basic of drum kits, a double bass, and an electric guitar. Unbelievable.

I can't wait to catch these guys again real soon.

Pat Capocci


The next band I was a little bit more familiar with. Melbourne based FIREBALLS. An out and out psychobilly band who's stage presence was only matched by their sound.

Lead by the only drummer that I have ever seen who plies his craft standing up, Eddie Fury, Fireballs hit he ground running with their infectiously fast grooves that could not keep anyone in the venue still.

A style that can't be described with anything else but an eclectic mix of Blues, Rock N Roll, Punk and dare I say it, Thrash, Fireballs never missed a beat all night.other

The double bass, this time played by the legendary Joe Phantom, was another highlight of the Fireballs set, as was the dual guitar duo of Dylan Villain and Pete Speed.

By the time theses guys were half way through their 40min set, the crowd was primed and ready for the band of the hour.



Right on the scheduled start time of 10pm, the lights dimmed down and the crowd started to go nuts.

It was time for TIGER ARMY!

As the ambient red lights of The Metro Theatre's stage glowed dimly, the PA system blared "Angel of Death" by country legend Hank Williams (not to be confused with the Slayer song of the same name in which I am all too familiar with.) To a raucous applause, front man Nick 13, bass player Djordje Stijepovic and drummer Mike Fasano casually made their way onto the stage, and ripped straight into "Firefall" off their latest offering "V.. ._"

 Tiger Army


The first thing that struck me about these guys was the oozing charisma of Nick 13. He is the poster boy for what a leading mans should be. Sharply dressed in a perfectly fitted button up shirt, suit pants and dress shoes, you could just tell that he was a no nonsense guy who was there for one reason, and one reason only....to rock the fucking house down. And he didn't disappoint.

Playing their massive hits including "Rose Of The Devil's Garden", "Cupid's Victim", "True Romance" and "Never Die", as well as tracks from their latest offering "I Am The Moth", "Devil Lurks On The Road" and the opener "Firefall".

It's been a long time between drinks for Australian fans of Tiger Army. Their last tour back in 2008 was a massive success, and Aussie fans have been hanging ever since for a return to our shores. I think tonight certainly curbed those cravings, although probably not enough fro another nine year down under hiatus.


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