[INTERVIEW] Following your dreams pays off big time for Matt Brooks and Like A Storm

Making the decision to pack up and leave everything that they had known and move to the other side of the world to chase a dream was an easy one. Three brothers from Auckland, New Zealand took a gamble that most people would never even think about. And they made it. Big time.

We were lucky enough to catch up with lead guitarist and vocalist Matt Brooks from LIKE A STORM before their highly anticipated "Homecoming".




How is it that a band from New Zealand has NEVER played on home soil before?


*Laughs* Well, we have played on home soil before, but the story goes, we all grew up in Auckland, New Zealand (my brothers and I), and we all played in different bands. We all played around Auckland on the weekends when we were in High School. (After a while) we formed Like A Storm, and at that point, we decided to try moving overseas and see how far we could take it. So we actually played a few shows at home, and we also played a farewell show , but in the last five or six years, since we have really been touring overseas in places such as America and Europe, we haven't played a full rock show at home that whole time, so this is really the first time us playing at home since we took off overseas.



To pack up everything that you had, and leave all you knew behind and move to The States to chase your dream was a ballsy move. What made you guys come to the decision to go?


*Laughs* Well ballsy would be one word to call it!! *Laughs*

I think that, because we all grew up loving music, that is all we ever wanted to do...play music.

We had a dream that maybe one day we might be able to tour the world, playing the music that we loved so much, so I think we just wanted to see how far three guys from New Zealand could go. We wanted to see if we could move to America and make records there and tour with bands there and start touring overseas. The whole thing was always just a huge adventure for us and when I look back on it now it is pretty crazy how it all worked out



What we at Rogue Inc. really dig about you guys, apart from your music, is your hard work ethic and morals. It’s the old adage of “Hard work pays off”. Did the thought of failure ever cross your mind?


Well, that all depends on your definition of failure.

I think that if you are getting to do what you love, and you are having this awesome experiences....at any point in time, if we had decided to stop doing what we were doing, I would have never felt like we had failed because I would think of all the things that we were lucky enough to do. But I guess we have been lucky in that respect man. We have toured with all these amazing bands, we are in the process of writing out third record, we are looking at touring all over the world, so I suppose in that regard we have been really, really fortunate that every time that we've really applied ourselves and worked really hard at something, we've been allowed to continue making music and touring. So yeah, we have been pretty lucky.


"Love The Way You Hate Me"



What’s the best part of being in a band with your brothers?


I think being in any band, especially a touring band, it is like being in a family anyway. You spend 10-11 months a year touring around together so I think being family actually helps. You know each other so well.

The other thing is, one of the things that can really kill a band is conflicts and falling outs between members. A sort of "underlying resentment" that no-one really addresses, so one of the best things on being in a band with your brothers is, anything that they say that pisses you off, you are gonna tell them right then and there!! It's a great way to just move on anytime something may come up. I think that has been one of the biggest assets for us. We are all totally honest with each other, and that's what has made it possible for us to spend 10-11 months together touring for the past five years.



What’s the worst part of being in a band with your brothers?


*Laughs*  I think I may have just told you the worst parts! *Laughs*

Maybe it would be easier if everybody didn't say what they were thinking! *Laughs*

Family is family man. You ARE gonna have conflicts, and we don't pull punches, but ultimately I do believe that is the key.

I grew up really looking up to my brothers, as awesome musicians. We all grew up in different bands and I was always a huge fan on what they were doing, so to actually do THIS with them is a big honor.



What can fans expect from your very first trip to Australia, and Home for that matter?


We grew up in New Zealand and our Grandparents lived in Australia, so we spent a lot of time in Australia growing up.But this is the first time we have ever played there, so that is kind of a big thing for us.

We really pride ourselves on having a very energetic live show and we are really exited for the fans who we have in Australia who have never seen us live, and also for the people who are not even aware of us to see what we are all about live.


What is in store for the rest of 2017?


We are currently in the middle of making our third record "Catacombs" in the U.S.

We will come down and play in New Zealand and Australia, then we come back to The States to finish our record. Then we go to England and Europe and were are very exited to play some of the biggest festivals over there, Download Festival and Grasspop in Belgium.

Then once the record is out, we will be touring again man, we have always been a band that believes in getting out there and playing live a lot, so we'll have a new record and we'll be out touring.




The Quick Six


What was your last "HOLY F**K" moment?

That's a great question because "Holy Fuck" can be interpreted a few ways! At the end of last year, we got to play the O2 in London, with Alter Bridge, Gojira and Volbeat, which are three bands that we absolutely love. Walking out on stage to play the O2...that was a real "Holy Fuck" moment.


If the world was ending at this time tomorrow, what would your final 24hrs entail?

Probably a lot of drinking! And probably trying to finish this new record as quick as I could because I would want as many people to hear it before it all ended!



What’s your favourite 4 letter word?

Well, I've got a few that I like, but I can't say them on the radio


 If you could listen to only one band/artist for the rest of your life, who would it be?

That's another great question. It's really hard to say man. One band that we are all a huge fan of, and I'm not just saying that because we are on tour with them, is Alter Bridge. To me, they really encapsulate what it is to be in an amazing band and to keep pushing yourself and keep growing. I think I could just listen to those guys because every record they put out is a development of their last one.


 If you had to change your name for witness protection, what would it be?

George Thorogood!


The album or Artist playing in your car right now is?

To be honest, we are in Las Vegas making our record, and our car is in Chicago so I have no idea what is in it right now, but I can say, the last band that we have been jamming out to is Gojira. We have been fans of those guys for years, and then we got to tour with them in Europe at the end of last year and I can honestly say that they are one of the most kick ass bands that I have ever seen.


It must have been an honor to share the stage with them

Oh dude...it was unreal!!! They played directly after us, so it was an honor, but it also, we would walk off the stage and pass the Gojira guys as they walk on, and were are going "Man...I hope we did a good job out there!"



Catch LIKE A STORM on tour in APRIL supporting ALTER BRIDGE!







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