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DREGG get WEIRD for 'WEIRDO' video/single

November 27, 2016


DREGG came out swinging earlier in 2016 with their track and video SORRY DADDY - a scathing assault on Baby Boomers and their view of subsequent generation's apparent laziness. Now they return with an anthem for the "Weirdos" of the world.

The latest single served up by the Melbourne freak show that is DREGG, is their new song and video for their most head turning track yet, 'Weirdo'. The song directly speaks to the over sensitive, anti progressive thinking public that believe the Internet is a burden and a curse on this generations upbringing; factoring into why we as humans have so many different sexual orientations, styles of fashion, music, interests, hobbies and fetishes.

The idea that the World Wide Web is the cause of this change in the youth doesn't go unrecognised by the band, but DREGG's way of looking at the situation is more of a.. 'sticks and stones may hurt my bones but people saying things and doing what they want with their lives will never hurt me'.

They are going to be a part of INVASION FEST at Arrow on Swanston on 10th December alongside Ocean Grove, Belle Haven, Kublai Khan (USA) and Polaris. The single WEIRDO will be out in iTunes, Bandcamp and Spotify on the day before INVASION FEST, December 9th.



Vocalist Christopher Mackertich says "The song breaks down any walls dividing sexual expression and hardcore by making the idea of being free to be yourself that much more appealing. In a world where we're constantly being told to conform to what is normal, straight, politically correct and attractive, DREGG have decided to stand on our own two feet, be ourselves and put a sock in every mouth that tells us 'they can't say that'."

Dregg have literally been called this in reviews - and they have decided to embrace it. Celebrate it, be a weirdo, don't be one of the masses - fly your weirdo flag and be an individual. 

Dregg have carved out a name for themselves as a band not to be messed with - their show has been lauded by Killyourstereo - "Dregg is without a doubt a band that’s going places with their great live show and enigmatic presence."

Since the release of SORRY DADDY, the track has hoisted them into support slots with artists such as Atreyu, Cane Hill, Hellions, Polaris, Belle Haven, Jack the Stripper, Ocean Grove, Stepson and more.

With their inspiration drawn from hip-hop to fast-paced hardcore, the quartet has manifested into one of the most left-of-centre live experiences of heavy music, quenching the thirst of many listeners satisfied with the mundane.

'WEIRDO' will be available from December 9 on iTunes and Spotify.

For more information, go to facebook.com/dreggmusic






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