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[INTERVIEW] - Mr Rogue chats to Kazzy Kage from Tensions Arise about line-up additions, new video clips, lady bits & what he has on his Santa's List.

November 16, 2016

Well, what year the boys in TENSIONS ARISE have had!

One of the hardest working band in the metal world have had the time of their lives over the past 12 months, and Mr Rogue caught up with Frontman KAZZY KAGE this week for a discussion that has been long overdue.



Photo : Mick G Photography


The last time we saw you legends, you were supporting US metal masters Drowning Pool. What have you been up to since?

Legends? Haha! Thank you for the kind start Sir. We have probably seemed quiet after a massive
year but that is not the case. We have been working on a lot of things behind the scenes. Some
stuff has been announced while others are being kept under wraps for now.

This year has been a whirlwind for the Tension boys. Have you all come back down to
earth yet after your MASSIVE international support gigs over the past 9 months?

Man, seriously I am not sure if we have even had the time to just sit and think about it. So I guess
we are definitely still on the high of 2016. Sevendust, Fear Factory and Drowning Pool.. all within a
few months of each other while we are on tour for an album, I really don’t think anyone inside the
band let alone outside would have thought something like that would happen for us! Of course it is
always the goal you work towards… Hopefully 2017 is just as kind to us haha!

Your latest album “A Breath Of Aggression” has had rave reviews since its release. How
was the recording process? Did it differ from your previous releases?

The recording process was so much fun, We worked with Clayton Segelov, Matt Clarke & Fletcher
Matthews from The Brain Studios on the Record. You are right we have gotten a lot of positive
reviews and achievements due to the release of this record. The response has been nothing short
of amazing, we can’t thank people enough for the support and kindness we have been shown
regarding the record. The recording process with these guys was such a fun experience. Clayton
helped me personally in many ways with recording vocals and getting the best out of me he could.
We can’t recommend them enough for any band to work with! Special mention needs to go to the
amazing Johnathan Devoy and Ash Rothschild for lending their voices to the recording to complete
and enhance it!

Were there any tracks that didn’t make to cut that you wanted on the album?

The album is what it is, all the tracks made the cut. I will say though during the process a few
songs changed here and there. Some verses edited, lyrics changed and all that sort of stuff.

Especially “Condemned”, our fans will know that song formerly as “A Faker’s Smile”. When John
came in and put his vocals down we knew he helped us create something special. Another one
which changed during the process was “Notch On The Belt”. Every song on the record that I had
involvement in writing was purely personal and helped me deal and overcome some personal
struggles, the album is such a release and was very therapeutic for me personally.

I heard on the grapevine that you are a 5 piece again. Is this true?

Absolutely is! Haha, We have recently added longtime friend Scotty on Guitar to be alongside Ash.
Scott has been a friend for years, he even helped us in a lot of other areas of the band such as
merch, roadie and guitar tech. Things just organically happened after a few cheeky comments, and
it was meant to be. We can’t wait to show this version of the band to the world!

How do you envision the addition of Scott will affect your trademark sound?

It has brought back and added an extra layer that we felt was missing. We all are able to get the
job done as a 4 piece but when we had Scott around we knew it was missing and the sound is now
better than ever. The energy has been stepped up a fair bit and this line up is strong and the
shows will show it!

You have 2 shows left this year, and rumour has it, they are going to be pretty special.
What can fans expect from these shows?

Yeah man we sure do! Very special indeed! As everyone knows our year has been ridiculously
amazing. We decided we wanted to Thank everyone who has supported this band old and new
friends and fans. Not only is our last Sydney Show for the year a Free Entry Show. It is also Scott’s
official debut with us and to add to that we are recording a whole bunch of footage and scenes for
two upcoming film clips to be released in 2017. We are doing clips for “Darkness Binds” & “A
Breath of Aggression”
. We strongly encourage anyone and everyone to come down and be a part
of the clip! Let’s all be youtube famous together!

If Tensions Arise could choose one band to share the stage with, who would it be?
Oh man, this question will be the death of me haha!! We have so many bands we are wanting to
share the stage with. We have also been lucky enough to share the stage with some of our idols
already! I guess for me personally if I ever got to play alongside Devildriver or Coal Chamber I
would absolutely be beside myself and need new pants….

Now, no interview on Rogue Inc is ever complete until you have answered the famous 'Quick Six'. Prepare yourself Kazzy!!



What was your last 'HOLY SHIT' moment?

This year has been a holy shit moment man, it’s a whirlwind but to pinpoint one moment would be when Burton from Fear Factory said our name when he was onstage and the crowd went nuts, fuck it another moment was when CJ from Drowning Pool told me he was keen to catch out set… AHH SO MUCH HOLY SHITS!!!

If you had to get your knuckles tattooed right now, what would they say?

HAHAHA!! Funny you ask that question…. Ash has “Yeah Baby” on his knuckles… He can keep that one!

What does Kazzy Kage have on his Santa wishlist?

Carly Rae Jepsen, Lzzy Hale, Chela Rae Harper and a chubby Khloe Kardashian hahaha!!

You are on death row. What is your last meal?

Can I say girl bits? Yeah fuck it I'ma say girl bits..may as well go out just after a face full of gorgeous haha!!

The song/artist playing in your car right now?

The Best of Def Leppard…

Mankind or The Undertaker?

Undertaker from 98/99 all the way!



Catch TENSIONS ARISE in their FINAL SYDNEY SHOW for 2016 and get famous!!




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