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Horrorwood Mannequins drop "Under Your Bed" EP and Tour Dates!

October 28, 2016

Horrorwood Mannequins are no longer creeping but rather crashing
out of their coffins with the launch of the new EP "Under Your Bed"
produced by Ezekiel Ox & mixed by dw Norton. The EP, lead by the
single "Burn it to the Ground", features 3 brand new tracks and a tasty
cover of Nirvana's "Negative Creep"



HWM will be touring this November/December in support of the EP
with Australian heavyweights Superheist, Earth Caller, Segression and
Ezekiel Ox, adding to their recent list of high profile supports slots with
The Misfits, (hed)p.e, Drowning Pool, Wednesday 13, Sevendust and
Snot and their upcoming festival debut at Legion Festival in 2017.
The new material is fresher than a warm corpse and will be available
from all your favorite online stores as well as the bands Big Cartel page
from October 28. So grab yourself a shovel, because we know you will
dig it.
Tour dates:

October 28 - Canberra - The Basement Halloween festival with
Superheist and Segression

November 4 - Sydney - The Factory Theatre with Superheist, Earth
Caller and Segression

November 24 - Newcastle - The Cambridge with Ezekiel Ox, Anamata
and Coast & Ocean

November 25 -  Sydney - The Factory Floor with Ezekiel Ox

December 3 - Hobart - Brisbane Hotel with Superheist, Earth Caller and
Minds in Motion.

January 28 - Sydney - Legion Music Fest





Spit at them and they'll spit back!

Horrorwood Mannequins have exploded from the ghetto to the grotto with a
spicy cocktail of original Horror Punk Rock. Taking influences from the seedy
underbelly of society and shocking audiences with bands including
Sevendust, Misifts, Snot, (Hed)p.e, Drowning Pool, Superheist and upcoming
appearance at Legion Music Fest. Horrorwood Mannequins bring an insane
stage show and a special blend of madness that leaves every crowd wanting
more, Horrorwood Mannequins will make your nightmares reality…

“The night was now owned by the gritty, the seedy and the ghoulish as Horrorwood
sauntered to the stage with a devilish attitude. Horrorwood Mannequins
are quite a unique assortment of shock punk design and brazen vocals, a crafty set,
polished off by the bass player and his need to bare all, quite fitting actually as the
music offers to the audience a crude, natural and rare flamboyance that not many
can top. A tight performance by the Sydney natives had the punters biting their nails
in anticipation and revelling in the ambience of these sinister and spine tingling

—  Carrie Gibson, Metal As Fuck

“Leather-clad and ghoulishly made-up (face paint, fake blood and all), Horrorwood
set the course for what would then ensue from that point on. However,
unlike their horror-punk contemporaries who’d follow soon after, Horrorwood
weren’t all just smoke and mirrors; their stage presence was as big as
their appearance would suggest.”

—  Justine Keating, TheMusic

“Their live performance was devilishly flawless, and their tight musicianship and
catchy, powerful songs are complimented by their ghoulish looks, sinister stage
presence, and bloodcurdling lyrics.”

• Greg Smith, Heavy Mag

“Horror-punk stalwarts Horrorwood Mannequins who took the audience to another
level. Vocalist Audri Medicate stalked the stage feverishly, mentioning his “three
favourite things” before breaking out into the infectious ‘Drugs Bitches Booze’ off
debut album The Hard Way (2015). Far from inconsistent, Medicate ripped into
his longest scream during ‘The Sound of a Strip Bar’. The frontman’s prowling
presence was well offset by the stoicism of guitarist Steeden, blasting some groovy
riffs to sustain the night.”

• Genevieve Gao, Moshcam

“The finest horror punk rockers Sydney has seen put on yet another tight, attitude
filled set that keeps getting better & better each time that I watch them.
Frontman Audri's ghoulish expressions & stage presence is a sight to behold,
especially when he has the ability to mold the crowd in the palm of his hands like he
did yet again tonight.
Steeden's tight as fuck shredding mixed seamlessly with another mean bass (what is
with the bass sound tonight? It is ANGRY...in a good way!) & drumming by the multi-
talented Devoy blended into a faultless set culminated by the crowd favorite "Burn It
To The Ground"
If you have not witnessed the visual powerhouse that is HORRORWOOD
...you are fucking missing out.”

- Matt Bartolo, Rogue Inc

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