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Evol Walks - Let Me Love You

October 28, 2016


With a healthy chunk of attitude, a dynamite lead singer, and a predilection for time-honoured rock ‘n’ roll, Evol Walks has rapidly emerged as a heavyweight contender.

It’s just two short years since singer and songwriter Leah Martin-Brown formed the hard-rock five-piece in her homeland, Australia. Now based in L.A., Evol Walks has bagged an EP, earned plaudits from artists and fans around the world, and played across three Continents. And there’s much more to come.

The rockers -- a tight machine comprising Martin-Brown, drummer Jimmy Lee, lead guitarist CJ Tywoniak, rhythm guitarist Dre DiMura and bass player Ian Ross -- are coming off a whirlwind 24-month stretch in which time they thrilled huge crowds back home and on both sides of the Atlantic.

Evol Walks’ hard edge takes its inspiration from the giants of heavy music, from AC/DC to Led Zeppelin, Black Sabbath, Joan Jett, Stone Sour and Monster Magnet, and gives it a modern tweak.

Evol Walks have recorded thier own take on the popular Justin Beiber track, 'Let Me Love You'.

"After looking through the latest songs we heard 'Let Me Love You' and thought it would be a fun yet challenging track to cover as (arrangement-wise) it is in a totally different world to what we usually do," says Leah. "We also thought it would be a fun vocal challenge for me as Justin Bieber's voice is so different from mine in style. We thought if we kept the original arrangement and just "rocked it up" a bit that we would be able to create something cool whilst still being true to the mood and feel of the original."






“Evol Walks are more than ready to take over the world music scene – especially if their spirited live performance are indicative of greater glories ahead. Front woman Leah Martin-Brown is wondrously charismatic, delivering the fiery lyrics with a commanding sense of depth and conviction. In addition to Ms. Martin-Brown’s bewitching performance, the resourceful musicianship found within Evol Walks stuns the senses. Prepare to be thoroughly swept away by one of the most explosive new bands within the Los Angeles music scene today” High Wire Daze.com

“Evol Walks is the kind of a** kicking rock and roll that makes the genre so g***amn worth it” Two Metal Guys

“If Green Day and Joan Jett had a child it would be Evol Walks” Jon Lee, HKG FM

“It’s Monster Magnet at their most accessible, it’s Stone Sour before the first break up – it’s nuanced and decisive” – The Music Network

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