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October 13, 2016


Brisbane hard-punk rockers Shutup Shutup Shutup have released My Friends, the growling, party starting lead single from the boys upcoming debut EP ‘Back to the Start’ to be released Monday, November 14.

‘Back to the Start’ is the first extended play from the boys since changing their name in January from Release the Hounds. Shutup Shutup Shutup will be celebrating the release of ‘Back to the Start’ on Saturday, November 19 with a show at the Crowbar.


Following up from the The Spit, new track My Friends features a more light-hearted, party-ready Shutup Shutup Shutup, throwing all technicalities to the wind and just wailing on their instruments.

“We made the clean guitar and drum break between the chorus and the bridge sound like someone who had never played guitar before was playing. That bit still cracks me up,” said drummer, Rory Harrip.

Lyrically the song takes from the band’s past experiences where their lyrics have been taken out of context and as reaction they’ve written a song so literal the context can't be warped… Apart from the section with Toadie from Neighbours.

“It hasn’t actually happened yet, partying with Toadie from Neighbours, but I like to write about what I want to happen in my life. He seems like a top bloke,” said vocalist and guitarist, Liam Edwards.

On a whole the song is just a lot of fun for the Shutup Shutup Shutup boys, taking a break from some of the more serious, heavy tracks in the EP.

“We wrote it in a couple of hours and it turned out to be a killer Thrash Pop song,” said bassist, Tim McNaughton.

In the past Shutup Shutup Shutup has enjoyed incredible support from triple j, their track Sleeping Bags scoring a short rotation on the triple j before being pulled due to a complaint about 'violent lyric content'.

You'll be able to catch Shutup Shutup Shutup at their launch show for ‘Back to the Start’ on Saturday, November 19 at Crowbar.

For more information, go to facebook.com/rthbne




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