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Mayday Parade // The Early November // Cambridge @ The Metro Theatre - 7th October 2016 - ROGUE REVIEW & GALLERY

Tallahassee pop punk gods MAYDAY PARADE made their eagerly awaited return to Sydney, and biggest Australian tour to date on Friday night to a sold out crowd at The Metro. There is nothing quite like seeing a sea of people jumping around and having the time of their lives whilst their favorite band plays, and Friday night was one of the best displays of "pure happy energy" that I have seen. And those five guys from Florida were to thank for creating such an awesome atmosphere.


Local Pop/Rock/Melodic giants CAMBRIDGE were greeted by probably the biggest early that I have witnessed this year and they did not waste the opportunity to get a lot of new fans on board with an extremely tight set.

They did what an "opening" band should do...warm up the crowd to the best of their ability. What I don't like about that last statement is Cambridge are not an opening band...They will be selling out places like the Metro in no time.

The triple attack vocals were spot on, as was the drumming by Scott Young. The quirky little anecdotes and commentary between songs by vocalist Brad Smith were hilarious and almost worth the entry price alone. 

The new single "28" also got a run tonight and was well received by all. The crowd loved these boys.

Only a short five song set by the love child of Blink 182 and A Day To Remember, but played to absolute perfection.




Alternative Rock/Indie comeback kings THE EARLY NOVEMBER were hand picked by Mayday Parade to accompany them on their 6 date tour our our major capital cities and I was keen to find out why.

These guys were one of those bands that I had heard of, yet never listened to before. I am now kicking myself for not listening to them sooner.

The energy from the four piece band from New Jersey captivated the now full house after just the first song, I had a feeling we were about see something special.

A familiar, but totally different sound to any other band in their genre makes The Early November a standout. The ultra powerful voice and guitar playing abilities of Arthur "Ace" Enders was complemented perfectly by the bass mastery of Sergio Anello. Throwing their instruments around like lightsabers must have been a hard task to master, but these guys would make fine Jedi's if we were ever invaded by the dark side.

This was another performance that would have been worthy of a headline spot.




The masters of emotionally charged pop punk anthems MAYDAY PARADE kept their capacity crowd of  predominantly teenage/ early twenties females waiting a little bit longer than the advertised start time, but they certainly made up for it by playing one of the best sets that they have ever compiled  in Australia.

Playing a career spanning 17 songs, they left no song on the shelf for the adoring crowd.

Opening with the massive hit "Jersey", the Florida natives bounced out of the boxes and never looked back.

Such a high energy performance would have to have taken a toll on them, but there were no signs of fatigue by any of them. It was like watching a stage full of Energizer Bunnies. They never stayed in the same spot for more than a few seconds all night.

In between songs, Lead vocalist Derek Sanders question of "Is it legal to own a Koala in Australia" landed a roar of laughter from the crowd when talking about his love for our native animals and the bands adventures on this recent trip.

"Terrible Things" hit all the feels, and prompted every phone in the audience to spontaneously rise into the air and record arguably the highlight of the night. "Hollow", "Letting Go", " Keep in Mind, Transmogrification Is a New Technology" and "Let's Be Honest" all got a run from the latest album "Black Lines", as did the huge hits "Miserable At Best", "Stay", and the classic (and my fav) "Three Cheers For Five Years".


If Mayday Parade were to call it quits tomorrow, Sydney fans can rest easy knowing that they have seen the best Mayday Parade gig that has ever graced our city. Ten out of ten performance.






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