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Meshiaak: Release Video for At The Edge Of The World - Alliance Of Thieves Out Now

September 14, 2016



Modern metal maestros, Meshiaak have released a music video for At The Edge Of The World new song of their highly anticipated album Alliance Of Thieves which is out now via Mascot Label Group


 At The Edge Of The World



Vocalist/guitarist Danny Camilleri says of the video

“We wanted to capture the excitement of our early influences but in a modern setting. At The Edge Of The World is about very real human struggle and brokenness but with a sense of hope, if we had to choose a favourite of the bands, this would be it!”


Alliance Of Thieves is one of the years strongest metal releases with praise coming from all corners of the globe!



“It’s long ago that such an impressive debut record came out as this one from Meshiaak” 9 out of 10 – Rock Tribune (Belgium)


“Look no further, Thrash Album of the Year” 5 out of 5 – Music Waves (France)


“Alliance Of Thieves bludgeons and berates the senses with incredible precision and astounding musicianship” 9 out of 10 – Powerplay (UK)


“A masterful offering from four incredible, passionate metal musicians who have collaborated to create an astounding thrash metal volume. Don’t miss out, Alliance of Thieves is out now and will likely become a classic.” Metal As Fuck - (Australia)


 “Meshiaak have released the debut metal album of the year” 4.5 out of 5 - Buried in Music - (Australia)


“I've Seen the Future of Thrash metal” - Sentinel Daily Review - (Australia)


"One of the best debut Metal albums in recent years"  9 out of 10 - Metal Wani - (India)


"A stunning debut" 9.5 out of 10 - Wall of Sound - (Australia)


“Alliance Of Thieves stacks up against (and beats in many cases) anything from anywhere else in the world” - Distortion - (Australia)


"It completely exceeds expectations when it comes to displaying some of the most well-written riffs and melodies, plus some of the best vocal performances I’ve heard in modern metal" 9 out of 10 Heavy Magazine (Australia)


“Definitely one of the best records of the genre this year, you'd be a fool not to give it a thorough listen.” Dynamite award – Rock Hard (Italy)


"Every thrash fan in 2016 should hear this!" Rock Hard (Germany)


“Thé thrash metalsensation of 2016! (…) Did I say in the last Aardschok that Gojira made the best metalrecord of the year? It could very well be Meshiaak now!” 10 x honourary metal – Aardschok (Netherlands)


“Thé album of the month, maybe even of the year” 9.5 out of 10 - Amped-Up (Belgium)


“Meshiaak could well be the saviour of modern thrash metal“ – 89 out of 100 - Metalfan (Netherlands)


“The best thrash album I’ve heard in years” 95 out of 100 -Concertmonkey (Belgium)



 Drowning, Fading, Falling




Alliance Of Thieves is available now!







Made up of power house, seasoned musicians, Meshiaak have delivered a savage and crushing slab of metal the way it used to be done.

The twin guitar attack of Danny Camilleri and Dean Wells locked down by bassist Nick Walker and cemented by the heavy hitting drums of Jon Dette (Iced Earth, Slayer, Anthrax and Testament) have created a force de rigueur not seen since metal’s hey day.


In a thrash world gone metalcore, blackened or conversely, NWOBHM-scrappy, Meshiaak have bestowed on the scene an egregiously confident and “old soul” record that evokes the magic of
Ride The Lightning, Rust In Peace, South Of Heaven and Burn My Eyes. 


The combination of all four players has resulted in a razor sharp, precise, wall of sound that effortlessly dives from the groovy thrash on Chronicle of the Dead to the textured and proggy on At the Edge Of The World

While, It Burns At Both Ends marries, Maiden, Lamb of God & Slayer with world music sophistication in yet another demonstration of the bands songwriting finesse.


Alliance Of Thieves is an album where delicate emotions give way to violent aggression and rage as par for the course.  

Complex arrangements, epic sweeping passages and astonishing lyrical depth, it’s the kind of album that speaks to people on all different levels, 


Vocalist Danny has found himself over the last three years with many moments of doubt, trials and frustration with life experience; the result of his ordeals have been expressed lyrical and the results are passionately painful but cathartic and has allowed him to channel his demons though his venomous tongue. 


Despite being filled with endless layers of depth, the songs on Alliance Of Thieves are still effortlessly headbang inducing and good friendly violent fun. 


And if that’s all you want to take from it, a solid punch in the face metal record that’s fine too but look beyond the riffage and the songs peel away like a metal onion.  


With the melting pot of influences held with the band members DNA, a little bit of each makes its way to the surface giving the album a truly unique place in the current metal climate.


Alliance Of Thieves tracklisting
1. Chronicles of the Dead

2. It Burns at Both Ends

3. I Am Among You

4. Drowning, Fading, Falling

5. At the Edge of the World

6. Last Breath Taken

7. Maniacal

8. Alliance of Thieves

9. Death of an Anthem




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