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Shutup Shutup Shutup start RIOT with ANGRY single THE SPIT

September 1, 2016


Brisbane legends Shutup Shutup Shutup have released their latest offering of hard punk in brand new single The Spit, a three minute track filled to the brim with riot inducing, lyric-spitting attitude.

The Spit is Shutup Shutup Shutup's first release since changing their name in early 2016 from Release the Hounds due to a copyright compliant, but despite the radical change the boys still maintain their iconic force-to-be-reckoned-with sound.


The Spit is more of a technical outing for Shutup Shutup Shutup​ , the boys focusing more on notes and accents rather than chord progressions to create a riff-centric, headbang-perfect punk track.

"We try and make the first hit of every bar the heaviest for maximum impact," said bassist, Tim McNaughton.

A huge factor to Shutup Shutup Shutup's sound is the incredible, battering pacing of their songs, smashing through three minutes cramming as many guitar crashes, furious vocals and cymbal crashes as possible.

"We all have super short attention spans so, it is pretty rare for us to visit a chorus more than twice, this song is a classic example of that," said drummer, Rory Harrip.

Lyrically The Spit deals with a moment in one of the boys life where their life flashed before their eyes and caused them to re-evalute their situation on a larger scale.

"I went swimming on an unpatrolled beach at the Gold Coast called The Spit. The beach has this huge ominous sand pumping jetty that is renowned for creating rips in the water," said vocalist and guitars, Liam Edwards.

"I got stuck in a rip and dragged out past the end of the jetty. I was panicking pretty hard and the waves were smashing me really close to the pylons, all I could think was 'this is it, I am going to die!'."

In the past Shutup Shutup Shutup has enjoyed incredible support from triple j, their track Sleeping Bags scoring a short rotation on the triple j before being pulled due to a complaint about 'violent lyric content'.

You'll be able to catch Shutup Shutup Shutup at their launch show for The Spit on Friday, September 23 at Crowbar.

 For more information, go to facebook.com/rthbne




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