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Baltimore - Room With A View EP. ROGUE REVIEW

August 31, 2016



"Room With A View"


Sydney's hardcore punk legends BALTIMORE are back with their latest E.P, "Room With A View" and you have heard it here first....this is a seriously good 15 minute emotional juggernaut that punches you in the face from the opening chords of "Voices", to the last scream of "Relapse"


" You're a cancer that I cannot harbour,

You make every day a fucking labour "



Their motto of "We write angry songs about sad things by sometimes happy people" could not be more accurate.

Not shying away from subjects and topics that are way too often overlooked by society - such as depression and anxiety - BALTIMORE hit you in the feels with their unique brand of almost "post-grungecore" tunes that are a must have in any CD or digital collection.


The highlight track would have to be "Strung Out".

Vocally powerful, both in lyrics and delivery, Tom Thorne nails the feelings and thoughts that go through so many peoples minds every minute of every day.

And Nick Dryden & Daniel Thorne's stringed weapons of choice (bass and guitar respectively) are perfectly executed in one of the most well rounded tracks this genre has seen in years.



"I'm agonizing over every line

Trying to appease an overworked mind

I know what this stands for

But I can't find the words


Toss and turn

For fucking hours

Not in my bed but in my head

I'm victim to My own rue

There's no other way to say"

"Strung Out"


"Room With A View" will become staple listening for not only those who need to get away from it all and decompress with some unbelievably awesome music, but for anyone who has ever suffered, or is suffering from anxiety, depression or other mental states of unrest. The messages of strength, fortitude, not giving in and never giving up in these songs need to be heard....and played loud.





Strung Out

Empty Days




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