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BUFFALO CROWS: Release Music Video For Trog. Bovonic Empire Out Now! (feat Dave Tice & Paul Mario Day)

August 30, 2016


Release Music Video For Trog

Bovonic Empire Out Now!

Buffalo Crows is a collective of musicians based in world renowned wine region of NSW, Australia - The Hunter Valley


The new album Bovonic Empire features 9 tracks of metal, heavy, southern rock, psych, and street punk wrapped in rampaging guitars, searing harmonica and bovine goodness.


The band have released a video for the track: Trog

Watch it below!




It features guest, lead vocals from Paul Mario Day who sang with More and Wildfire in the heady days of the NWOBHM. 

Paul also sang in Sweet and was the very first singer for a fledgling Iron Maiden.


It also features guest, lead vocals from Dave Tice who sang for Australian Proto Metal Godfathers Buffalo.


The songs are as follows:

1. Trog – A homage to Captain Beefheart and the 70’s B movie called Trog. Swamp Rock.


2. The Tempest – A dark tale of Armageddon and The Beast sung by Paul Mario Day. Inspired by current events in the Middle East and Europe. NWOBHM.


3. StarLord – Inspired by the movie Prometheus and the guitar wizardry of Ginger Wildheart.


4. Buffalo Rising – Sung by the fabulous Dave Tice. About the near extinction of the Buffalo in America and its relationship to the native peoples. Heavy Blues Buffalo Shuffle.


5. Crawling Off The Edge of the World – Inspired by the many great Proto Metal bands of the early Seventies who never really got any acclaim at the time. 
Bang and Warpig for example. Also the show Black Sails.


6. Rivers Of Regret – A real heavy, ballad showcase,  for the vocals of Paul Mario Day. He’s still got it.


7. Monte Cristo – Inspired by a visit to Australia’s most haunted house. A big nod to AC/DC, Rose Tattoo , King Diamond and Alice Cooper.  Ghost vocals by Otis Edgar.


8. Defenders – A speed metal track inspired by the movie 300 and the writings of the late David Gemmell. Judas Priesty. A bit Maideny.


9. Execution -  Inspired by the execution of two Australian drug runners in Indonesia last year. Its about the Mr Bigs who hide behind the scene while their stooges take the fall.


10.  A hidden bonus track dedicated to The Starman.


Buffalo Crows are;

Richard Crowfoot – Lead Vocals, Guitar

Russ Redford – Harmonica, Vocals.

Joe Barton- Lead Guitar Slayer

Nik Crowfoot – Bass Guitar

Paul Scarabelli – Drums, Synths and Orchestration.




For fans of Gentlemen’s Pistols, Crobot, Clutch. Molly Hatchet, Early Kiss, Pentagram, Sex Pistols, Early Saints, Early Priest and Motorhead.






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