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Steel Panther + Black Stone Cherry - Big Top Luna Park Sydney 17th June 2016

One does not simply just attend a Steel Panther gig.

You are a part of it.....whether you like it or not.

And that was certainly the case last night, but more of that in a bit.


Apart from the on stage shenanigans that Steel Panther are renown for, there was another reason I was HANGING to get to this gig.....BLACK. STONE. CHERRY.

These lads from Edmonton, Kentucky have never graced our shores since their conception way back in 2001, and from their 4 studio albums, plus seeing a heap of live footage over the years, to say I was eager to finally see them would be a huge understatement.

Therefore going into this gig, I had high expectations.

And I was not disappointed.

Not by a long shot.


Frontman & lead guitarist Chris RobertsonBen Wells (rhythm guitar, backing vocals), Jon Lawhon (bass guitar, backing vocals), and John Fred Young (drums, backing vocals...yes they ALL sing!) were flawless in delivering their Southern Rock anthems to an adoring Sydney crowd.

They were meticulously tight through the whole set, playing tracks off all 4 albums, including the single that kicked them off all those years ago, "Lonely Train" plus a cover of Motorhead's iconic anthem "Ace Of Spades" to close out their show that the crowd seemed to lap up.

Black Stone Cherry certainly brought their "A Game" down under with a high energy set that left the crowd begging for more. Although most of the patrons were here to see Steel Panther, I will guarantee that there will be a shitload of new Black Stone Cherry fans after tonight.

Let's just hope that it is not another 10 years until they return!



Mary Jane

Blind Man

In My Blood

In Our Dreams

Soul Machine

White Trash Millionare

Blame It On The Boom Boom

Lonely Train



Sleazy. Rude. Crude. Shocking. Explicit. Boobs.

These words are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to describing a Steel Panther show.

Throw in unbelievable talent, tight as fuck vocals, killer guitar licks, epic drumming & the prettiest goddamn bass player this side of Hollywood and you have all the hallmarks of one very special night.

It was fitting that this gig was held at a theme park as this gig turned in to a non stop fucking party from the time Michael Starr, Lexxi Foxx, Satchel & Stiz Zadinia took to the stage at a little past 9pm.

You think that with the reputation that Steel Panther has on the live scene around the world, you kind of know what to expect. Well think again!

Between the very crude jokes & attempting (AND SUCCEEDING!) to hit on every scantly clad girl in the front row, or the ones sitting on shoulders with their boobs out, there is an undeniable on stage chemistry between all of the band members that make this more of a production, than a typical concert.

They played loud. They played tight. They were perfect.

Playing ALL their hits, from "Community Property" to "Gloryhole" and everything in-between to the SOLD OUT Sydney crowd, Steel Panther left no stone unturned to ensure that every single person left with at least a huge fucking smile on their face. Myself included.



Eyes Of A Panther

Tomorrow Night

Fat Girl

Just Like Tiger Woods

Let Me Cum In

Asian Hooker

Gold Digging Whore

Ten Strikes You're Out

Girl From Oklahoma

17 Girls In A Row


Eatin' Ain't Cheatin'

Death To All But Metal

Community Property

Party All Day




Steel Panther

 Black Stone Cherry



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