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Street Art - Richmond NSW

After a trip to the pub last weekend, I travelled my usual route back to my awaiting ride. This route takes me down the main street of Richmond....a pretty street if you like the old school "little town" feel. For me however, I would much prefer the streets of Newtown or Marrackville.....street art EVERYWHERE. Now i'm not talking about the graffiti that your Mum hates....i'm talking about art, full blown masterpieces made by unbeliveably talented artists using spraycans as their weapon & any blank surface as their canvas.

After I had my fill at the local & I was walking up the main drag, something was different. Something was happening. That sweet, delicious aroma of spraypaint & aerosol was in the air. There was some art being made!

Around 8 or so artists had taken over a laneway that had previously been covered in an "Angry Birds" themed artwork that was one of the only pieces in the Hawkesbury that street art lovers could enjoy.

I stood & watched these artists for a while, watching them use their spraycans like they were fine art brushes. I was in awe. And unfortunately, I had left my camera at home. It is usually an extended part of my body, but I thought...I'm going to the pub....why the fuck would I need my camera?

So on the way home from work yesterday, with camera in hand, I stopped off & took a few snaps of our latest artworks to grace our "little town's" laneways.


Please feel free to tag any of the artists involved in creating these artworks.

Rogue Inc. & Mattvayne Photography take no credit for any artwork in these pics.

Copyright to the individual artists.




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